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Serge X: Forgive me, Monsieur Gustave. I never meant to betray you. They threatened my life and now they've murdered my only family.
M. Gustave: No. Who did they kill this time?
Serge X: My dear sister.
M. Gustave: The girl with the club foot?
Serge X: Yes.
M. Gustave: Those ****ers!
Serge X: I tried to warn you at the beginning.
M. Gustave: I know, darling. Let's put that behind us. Listen, I hate to put you on the spot, but I really must ask you to clear my name. Obviously you're grieving...
Serge X: There's more
M. Gustave: Okay.
Serge X: To the story...
M. Gustave: I get it. Go on.
Serge X: I was the official witness in Madame D's presence to the creation of a second will to be executed only in the event of her death by murder.
M. Gustave: A second will?
Serge X: Right.
M. Gustave: In case she got bumped off?
Serge X: Right.
M. Gustave: Uh-huh?
Serge X: But they destroyed it.
M. Gustave: Oh dear.
Serge X: However...
M. Gustave: Uh-huh?
Serge X: I pulled a copy?
M. Gustave: A second copy of the second will?
Serge X: Right.
M. Gustave: Uh-huh?
Serge X: [Silence]
M. Gustave: [Frantically] What does it say? Where is it? What's it all about dammit? Don't keep us in suspense, Serge! This has been a complete ****ing nightmare! Just tell us what the **** is going on!
[Suddenly, the communication door in the confession booth was abruptly closed by someone] M. Gustave: Serge? Serge? Serge!
[M. Gustave and Zero went to the other side of the booth and discover Serge has been killed in the midst of speaking to them.] M. Gustave: Bloody hell, they've strangled the poor slob!

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