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Ghostbusters (2016)

Ghostbusters (2016) quotes

44 total quotes

Abby Yates
Erin Gilbert
Jillian Holtzmann
Patty Tolan

View Quote Martin Heiss: Why are you pretending to capture ghosts?
View Quote Mayor Bradley: Never compare me to the Jaws mayor. Never!
View Quote Rowan North: Charge the lines, create the vortex, break the barriers.
View Quote Rowan North: You shoot like girls!
View Quote Theater Manager: No one should have to encounter that kind of evil. Except you girls, I think you can handle it.
View Quote Tour Guide: (to his group) Now, I'm gonna tell you something a little spooky. The morning of October 25, 1894, Sir Aldridge awoke furious when his breakfast was not waiting for him. So, he called to his servants, but none of them responded. Why? Because, during the night, one by one they had each been stabbed to death in their sleep. It was later discovered that they were murdered by his eldest daughter, Gertrude Aldridge. Sir Aldridge once wrote in his diary, 'I know God makes no mistakes, but I believe he may have been drunk when he built Gertrude's personality.'
View Quote Tour Guide: (to his group) The Aldridge Mansion is the only 19th century home in New York City preserved both inside and out. At the time of its construction, it was one of the most elegant homes in existence featuring every luxury including a face bidet and an anti-Irish security fence.
View Quote Abby Yates: Patty! Don't move!
Erin Gilbert: (with the ghost on her shoulders) You got a, uh...
Patty Tolan: Nope, I'm tired.
Erin Gilbert: No. You got a...
Patty Tolan: I'm just gonna go ahead and take off. How about that?
Erin Gilbert: I, I don't really think that's a good idea.
Patty Tolan: No. I'm gonna take off. Don't piss off the ghost. (as she slowly walks out of the crowd, a crowd member takes a selfie with Patty and the ghost) Really?!?
View Quote Agent Rorke: Sheriff in New Mexico reports a UFO encounter, the crew of the S.S. Ourang Medan dies mysteriously, the entire town of Langville, Montana goes missing.
Jillian Holtzmann: It does?
Abby Yates: Okay, but we're talking about relocating. No one's being killed here. Right?
Mayor Bradley: They were turned inside out.
Erin Gilbert: Their skin is on the inside of their body?
Mayor Bradley: Their skin is on the inside of their body because their organs are on the outside.
Abby Yates: But, they're okay, right?
Mayor Bradley: Sure.
Jillian Holtzmann: I think they're dead.
View Quote Dr. Abby Yates: (about the ghost floating before them) That's a class-four apparition.
Erin Gilbert: It's okay. She seems peaceful. My name is Erin Gilbert, doctor of particle physics at... (ghost slimes her)
View Quote Erin Gilbert: (hold the proton pack) Why am I operating the untested nuclear laser?
Jillian Holtzmann: You have the longest arms.
View Quote Erin Gilbert: Kevin, hi, can you answer the phone?
Kevin: I can't. It's in the fish tank.
'Erin Gilbert: No, the one on the desk that's ringing. That one.
Kevin: Oh, that one! What's this place called again?
View Quote Erin Gilbert: That book you're holding is utter nonsense. I don't even know how you got that. I thought I burned both copies.
Ed Mulgrave: It's on Amazon. Both hard copy and e-book.
Erin Gilbert: What?
Ed Mulgrave: It's on books on tape, too. Only, I know how to read.
View Quote Jillian Holtzmann: Come here often?
Erin Gilbert: Sorry, hello. Who are - who are you?
Jillian Holtzmann: Holtzmann.
Erin Gilbert: Erin.
Jillian Holtzmann: I've heard terrible things about you.
View Quote Jillian Holtzmann: Ma'am, can you tell us where you got the world's tiniest bowtie?
Erin Gilbert: Uh, it came with the shirt.