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Therapist: Jim, do you hear what Gord is saying here?
Jim: I hear him boohooing about his broken wheelie-board ramp. Is that what you mean?
Therapist: Yes, Jim. But do you understand what he's saying? Sounds to me like he just wants you to accept him as your son. To approve of him and what he wants to do with his life. How does that make you feel?
Jim: First of all, I don't give a rat's ass what this punk wants. As long as he lives in my house and eats my food, I make the rules.
Gord: I wanna eat chicken burgers!
[Jim stands up]
Julie: Jim, don't hurt my baby. Now, sit down.
Jim: You're an embarrassment to my family.
Gord: Oh, yeah? Well, at least I don't touch Freddy.
Jim: Say what?
Therapist: Excuse me?
Gord: Yeah, he touches my little brother. He takes him behind the furnace and touches him.
Jim: See the insanity I put up with?
Gord: He's embarrassed.
Julie: Jim!
Gord: He touches my little brother. He...he...[looks at his fingers] he fingers him.
Jim: You're a goddamn liar.
Julie: Jim! Do you touch him? Do you finger our boy?
Jim: Don't you get wacky on me. What the **** are we talking about?
Therapist: Mr. Brody, this is very serious. Based on what I've heard here today, I am required by law to notify the authorities.
Gord: You hear that, Dad? You're gonna pay! He's a molester. He's a chiiild molester!
[throws statue threw window and then jumps out screaming]
Jim: You'd better run, you liaaaaaaar!

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