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Sarah Marshall: [after she, Peter and Rachel have each had a lot of wine] So... just so we're clear, and so that I can kinda hone in on your, your central thesis of the night, wade through all the bullshit, you're telling me you think you have the right to just **** anyone, anywhere, anytime? That's what you're saying?
Aldous Snow: Yes! That's right, there it is! Not so eloquently as you just put it, sweetheart, but... [spills his cranberry juice over the Tommy Bahama shirt Sarah bought him, and doesn't notice] Ultimately, that is... [notices the spill and laughs] Oh, no! Not the shirt! [laughing] Take my eyes, but not the shirt! Mmm, yeah, that's pretty much what I believe, Sarah.
Sarah Marshall: When you're done making jokes, are you gonna get a napkin?!
Aldous Snow: D'you know what, I think I've improved it, actually! Against all odds, I think I deserve a design award!
Sarah Marshall: [quietly and angrily] Just please get some seltzer water.
Aldous Snow: Um, garcon, could we get some... [Matthew rushes over and tries vigorously to clean off Aldous' shirt, while Aldous tries to fend him off; Rachel laughs]
Matthew Van Der Wyk: I saw it from farther away. Okay, just lean back for a sec. Let me...
Aldous: No, it's all right, it's not there. You're very diligent, and I appreciate it, but, let go of the glass now, you're gonna have to walk away, bless you. [Matthew reluctantly backs off as a waitress brings dessert]
Peter Brenner: [in mock reaction to the dessert] Oh me, oh my, call the doctor.
Rachel Jansen: Oh, good! [they both laugh; Rachel feeds Peter some of her dessert.]
Peter Bretter: I love Hawaii.
Rachel Jansen: [laughs] It's good, huh?
Sarah Marshall: Yeah, it's nice, but I think, for like a week, tops. Any more than that, and I know I'd go crazy, because I think that Hawaii is a place to escape for people who can't deal with the real world.
Rachel Jansen: Yeah, you know, there's so few personal shoppers and pet therapists. Gosh, it's such a hard life. [she feeds Peter another bite of dessert, then grabs his face and kisses him.] I like living here.

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