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Rachel Jansen: Wow, we’re really going up to the edge of this, huh?
Peter Bretter: Look.
Rachel Jansen: Wow, this is really beautiful. All right, so now that your show’s done, are you gonna finish the Dracula musical?
Peter Bretter: It’s not that was, you know. Sarah always thought it was crazy and...
Rachel Jansen: Well, you're definitely crazy. But so is everyone, right? So who cares?
Peter Bretter: I just don't feel like doing anything.
Rachel Jansen: Why?
Peter Bretter: 'Cause my heart is broken, and I can't imagine doing anything right now. It's probably the same reason... you don't go back to school, you know? Maybe it's good we got hurt like that, you know? don't know about you, but it makes me feel impervious to pain.
Rachel Jansen: Yeah. Kind of like there's nothing left to be afraid of.
Peter Bretter: Yeah. No, exactly.
Rachel Jansen: Right.
Peter Bretter: We could leap off this rock, and it won't hurt us as had as they did.
Rachel Jansen: So, jump then.
Peter Bretter: No, I meant that, like as a metaphor, you know?
Rachel Jansen: No. Just do it. You’ll be fine. Jump.
Peter Bretter: Oh, god. Oh god. I made her kill yourself. You must be crazy.
Rachel Jansen: So, are you gonna jump, or what.
Peter Bretter: No.
Rachel Jansen: Come on, Peter! I can see vagina from here. I can see hoo-ha.
Peter Bretter: I mean, I'll jump!
Rachel Jansen: Chicken, come on.
Peter Bretter: [while hanging from a cliff] So what should I do? I should just let go?
Rachel Jansen: No, no, no, no, no. If you fall straight down, you'll probably hit a rock and kill yourself!
Peter Bretter: Totally. So what do I do?!
Rachel Jansen: Why don't you just press your feet up against the rock, and like, shoot yourself off!
Peter Bretter: What, like a frog?!
Rachel Jansen: I don't know, Peter- just get off the ****ing rock!
Peter Bretter: Here I go! One! [pause]
Rachel Jansen: Two!
Peter Bretter: Two! [pause] Two and a half-
Rachel Jansen: Jump!
Peter Bretter: Three! [jumps, falls awkwardly, but safely, into the sea near Rachel]
Rachel Jansen: Oh, my god. Oh, my god. Oh, my god. You saw right?
Peter Bretter: Yeah, yeah, yeah, I saw it.
Rachel Jansen: I was there I witnessed it.
Peter Bretter: [smiling] Thanks.
[She kisses him]

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