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View Quote David Labraccio: [about his death experience] It's like being paranoid without the fear. Like being watched.
View Quote David Labraccio: Die to be a hero someday if you want to, but don't die to be a celebrity.
View Quote Rachel: [as she's about to "flatline" in their experiment] See you soon.
View Quote Winnie Hicks: [the little girl in his mind to David Labraccio] Hey, fellatio! Got a match? Well, I do. Your face and my ass. Your breath and a buffalo fart. You don't know jack SHIT! BUTT-WAD, NEEDLE-DICK, ****-BITE, JACK-OFF, LIMP-WRIST, BANANA-BREATH, SHIT-BIRD, BIRD-TURD, TURD-FACE, KISS-ASS, BROWN-NOSE, MACHO-WIMP, LIMP-DICK! What's the matter? Gonna cry? Cry-baby Davie. Cry Cry Cry! SHIT-FACED, RAT-TURD, ASS-LICKING, SON-OF-A-BITCH.
View Quote Joe Hurley: This is not the kind of shit I want on my transcript.
View Quote Joe Hurley: Excuse me, I don't want to ruin anybody's evening, but are we in the room with a dead man?
View Quote David Labraccio: [screaming at a religious stained-glass portrait] I'm sorry.. we trespassed on your… ****ing territory. God! I'm sorry!
View Quote Hurley: Why should Nelson get all the glory? We should all do it. We'll be famous!
Labraccio: Yeah, they'll build monuments to you about this high that read "Rest in Peace"!
View Quote Joe Hurley: I don't know. Not thinking about the past or the future. I don't know it's difficult to explain, maybe impossible.
David Labraccio: [showing his skepticism] Yeah, dying is funny that way.
View Quote Joe Hurley: I came back from the dead tonight.
Waitress: Doesn't surprise me, we had Elvis in here last night.
View Quote Randy Steckle: [while David Labraccio is flatlining] What is it that hangs in the air, palpably? Is it hope? Is it fear? Is it the musky mist of death?
Joe Hurley: Shut up, Steckle.
Randy Steckle: No, you shut up.
View Quote David Labraccio: You should have told us, Nelson.
Nelson Wright: You wouldn't have done it.
David Labraccio: At least we would've had a choice!!!
View Quote David Labraccio: [telling everyone what Nelson whispered] He said ... he said it wasn't such a good day to die.
Nelson Wright: Thank you.
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