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Flatliners quotes

25 total quotes

Nelson Wright
Randy Steckle

David Labraccio: [about his death experience] It's like being paranoid without the fear. Like being watched.

David Labraccio: [screaming at a religious stained-glass portrait] I'm sorry.. we trespassed on your… ****ing territory. God! I'm sorry!

David Labraccio: Die to be a hero someday if you want to, but don't die to be a celebrity.

Joe Hurley: Excuse me, I don't want to ruin anybody's evening, but are we in the room with a dead man?

Joe Hurley: This is not the kind of shit I want on my transcript.

Rachel: [as she's about to "flatline" in their experiment] See you soon.

Winnie Hicks: [the little girl in his mind to David Labraccio] Hey, fellatio! Got a match? Well, I do. Your face and my ass. Your breath and a buffalo fart. You don't know jack SHIT! BUTT-WAD, NEEDLE-DICK, ****-BITE, JACK-OFF, LIMP-WRIST, BANANA-BREATH, SHIT-BIRD, BIRD-TURD, TURD-FACE, KISS-ASS, BROWN-NOSE, MACHO-WIMP, LIMP-DICK! What's the matter? Gonna cry? Cry-baby Davie. Cry Cry Cry! SHIT-FACED, RAT-TURD, ASS-LICKING, SON-OF-A-BITCH.

David Labraccio: [telling everyone what Nelson whispered] He said ... he said it wasn't such a good day to die.
Nelson Wright: Thank you.

David Labraccio: You should have told us, Nelson.
Nelson Wright: You wouldn't have done it.
David Labraccio: At least we would've had a choice!!!

Hurley: Why should Nelson get all the glory? We should all do it. We'll be famous!
Labraccio: Yeah, they'll build monuments to you about this high that read "Rest in Peace"!

Joe Hurley: I came back from the dead tonight.
Waitress: Doesn't surprise me, we had Elvis in here last night.

Joe Hurley: I don't know. Not thinking about the past or the future. I don't know it's difficult to explain, maybe impossible.
David Labraccio: [showing his skepticism] Yeah, dying is funny that way.

Randy Steckle: [while David Labraccio is flatlining] What is it that hangs in the air, palpably? Is it hope? Is it fear? Is it the musky mist of death?
Joe Hurley: Shut up, Steckle.
Randy Steckle: No, you shut up.

[after his friends said he didn't have the balls to do the experiment] You bring the equipment, I'll bring my balls.

[dictating a diary entry into his tape recorder] Halloween morning. Rotting pumpkins. Burning leaves. Black cats mating like rats in the alley. It was as if . . . it were as if we felt no fear, as if we were already dead and had nothing to lose by dying. Or perhaps it was because we had lived life so well, and loved life so much, that we fancied ourselves immortal, overwhelming the powers that be with the force of our passion for science. [long pause] Or maybe we were just ****ed in the head.