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George: It'll never last.
Nina: Wanna bet?
George: Nina. Annie's much too spirited for this kid. He's totally wrong for her. I give it two months, tops. One month.
Nina: This is the right guy for Annie, George. I'm tellin' you, I feel it in my bones. I mean, we're two lucky parents, George.
George: Lucky? Oh! What about his laugh? It was such a give away. It was so phony with his "Ha! Ha! Ha! Hee! Hee! Hee!"
Nina: I thought it was totally sincere.
George: Oh, please. What about that little rehearsed speech he gave that was right out of a book. "How to Grease Your Future Mother-In-Law."
Nina: You're off here, George, really. I thought it was completely from his heart. Why do you think I cried?
George: Good question. I don't know why either of you cried. I'm losing my voice. Are my glands swollen?
Nina: Let me see. No. No, honey. No.
George: And what about the way he kept touching her?
Nina: What do you mean?
George: What do you mean, what do I mean? He couldn't keep his hands off of her.
Nina: Oh, yes...kind of like when we were engaged, except that wasn't all you couldn't keep off me.
George: That was different. And we certainly never acted that way in your parent's house.
Nina: Oh! You want me to name all the rooms we did it in at my parent's house?
George: That was different. We were like two imbeciles. This is our child we're talking about.
Nina: Our child? Oh, George. You know, I still think you see Annie as a seven year-old girl in pigtails!
George: Well, you know? That just shows how you much you know about me because that is not at all how I see her. Right...a seven year-old with pigtails. I mean, here's the thing. We have no idea who this Brian really is.
Nina: Oh?
George: And if that's his real name. I mean, who knows? You know, maybe he already has a wife. You read about these cases everyday. Men who have wives and families stashed all across the country. He could be a professional con artist who meets innocents abroad, and gives them this song and dance about being an independent...whatever that was...and then skips out after bilking them for all they're worth. What are you doing?
Nina: I'm getting ready for bed.
George: Then I suppose that you're not interested that I believe I remember seeing someone who looked like Brian's twin on "America's Most Wanted"?
Nina: You're right. I'm not. George? George, I thought he was great. I liked him a lot. And I'm really happy...George...Would you please stop making that face? And I'm very happy for Annie. And I'm excited for her. This is a big deal and I think that we should at least hug. This is great news. Oh! A wedding! Father of the Bride. Can you believe it?

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