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Johnny Storm quotes

View Quote Digital camera: $254. Memory stick: $59. The look on your hard-ass former CO's grill when he finds out he's your junior officer: priceless.
View Quote (sarcastically) Wow, Dr. Phil, that's deep. Let's think about that for a moment.
View Quote Don't wander off now, boy.
View Quote (Nurse; You're hot!) Why thank you, so are you. And, I'm not afraid to cry.
View Quote At what time do you get off work? (Nurse replies and he answers) Tell you what? You meet me at 4:01, it'll give you a minute to freshen up.
View Quote (to Nurse, after giving her back her thermometer) This is yours. (kisses her on the lips) That's mine.
View Quote Nurses. (whispering as he exits the room)
View Quote My future wife!
View Quote Guys! Guys!? (is stared at for being naked only wearing a wrapped coat around his waist) I can explain.
View Quote Look, look! (is snapping his fingers to ignite a flame akin to a zippo, repeats to turn off the flame ignited by the snapping) Now picture that. But everywhere! (cackles) Cool!
View Quote You have been saying that for years.
View Quote What? Like we won't be able to turn on and off? (chuckles)That would save time.
View Quote Whoa! (after bursting out in flames while being examined by Sue and Richard)
View Quote I can go hotter!
View Quote Fun Filled! (laughing) You guys are cramping my style.
View Quote Sweet! (referring to Sue and Richard's terms of Supernova) Got it. Supernova. Bad. (thumbs up)
View Quote Something new? Got it.
View Quote Whoa. That's dangerous. I'm okay. I'm fine.
View Quote See? That's your problem Reed. You always think you never act.
View Quote What if we got these powers for a reason? A higher calling?
View Quote Is there any higher?
View Quote You guys should accept it... or better yet enjoy it.
View Quote Hey! Hey, look! (turns on The Thing action figure and it shouts, 'It's Clobberin' time!)
View Quote The guys at the market gave me it.
View Quote (after The Thing crushes the action figure) Awww! That was the prototype!
View Quote Look, Sue, I'm sorry. I can't stand this freak show. I gotta get back to the real world.
View Quote Sue, stop. You're not mom. Don't talk to me like I'm a little boy, okay?
View Quote If you guys are jealous, that's fine. I didn't expect it to come from you, though.
View Quote Let's try something new. You live your life, I'll live mine. Sound good? Oh, and just for the record, they love me!
View Quote Oh, no.
View Quote (To The Thing): Where are your ears?
View Quote Come on..! Come on! FLAME ON!
View Quote You miss me?
View Quote Whoa. Ladies. I need names and shots. Bartender!
View Quote FLAME ON!
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