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Fantastic Four (2005)

Fantastic Four (2005) quotes

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Ben Grimm
Johnny Storm
Reed Richards
Sue Storm
Victor Von Doom

View Quote "It's Clobberin' Time!"
View Quote (A man is avoiding him because of his appearance) You know what? Fine. Wanna be scared? FINE!!!
View Quote (after The Thing crushes the action figure) Awww! That was the prototype!
View Quote (to Nurse, after giving her back her thermometer) This is yours. (kisses her on the lips) That's mine.
View Quote (To The Thing): Where are your ears?
View Quote FLAME ON!
View Quote Hey! You think you got problems, you take a good look, pal.
View Quote Victor: Maybe you should have stayed back in the lab. Field work never suited you.
Ben: He does the talking, I do the walking. Got it?
Victor: So take a walk, Ben...
Ben : Can't do it. I cannot do it.
Reed: External SRBs, orbital system engines. Its just like the shuttles you flew in -
Ben: No. I cannot take orders from the underwear model. That wingnut washed out of NASA for sneaking two Victoria Secret wannabes into a flight simulator.
Reed: Youthful high spirits.
Ben: They crashed it into a wall. A flight simulator.
Reed: When have I asked you to do something you absolutely said you couldn't –
Ben: Five times.
Reed: ...I had it at four.
Ben: Well this makes five!
Doom: did you say goodbye to your brother Johnny? It's time to end this!
Ben: [Grimm, transformed back into the Thing, crashes through the roof] No, Vic, IT'S CLOBBERIN' TIME!
Ben: What's wrong with me?
Johnny: I swear they've done everything humanly possible. The best plastic surgeons in the world, Ben. You had the best -
Ben: (getting frantic) Give me a mirror...
Johnny: They said that's not such a good idea, the shock alone could –
Ben: I said give me the goddamn mirror!
(Ben finally sees his face, it looks completely normal)
Johnny: (beginning to laugh) Unfortunately, the doctors just couldn't do anything to fix your face.
Sue: (to Reed) Look at me.
Reed: (looking up and seeing, or not seeing that Sue has turned invisible) I can't.
Sue: What do you mean you can't?! Look at me!
Reed: Sue, look at your hands!
Johnny: (with his shirt off, being given a physical by Reed and Sue) I think we have a serious problem.
(Sue turns invisible and starts to undress, then turns visible again)
Reed: Wow. You've been working out.
Sue: Shut up!
Johnny: Wait. You mean we won't be able to turn on and off? That would save time.
Sue: You don't want walk around on fire for the rest of your life, do you?
Johnny: Is that a trick question?
Sue: Grow up.
Johnny: Come on! Am I the only guy who thinks this is cool?
Sue: Johnny, say you're sorry.
(Johnny throws a fireball at Ben)
Ben: Did you just--
(Johnny throws another fireball at Ben)
Ben: That's it, Tinker Bell! YOU WANNA FLY?!
Reed: No, Ben.
Ben: THEN FLY!!!
(Ben punches through Reed's body to launch Johnny into the Burger King sign)
Sue: Wait a minute, guys. Ben, don't do this.
(Ben growls at Johnny)
Johnny: Let's see if we can get blood from a stone.
Sue: Johnny?
Ben: Let's see. Bring it, Burnout.
Reporter: So what can you tell us about the outfit?
Johnny: (on tv) Not too much, but I will say that it's all weather and no leather. Kind of Armani meets Astronaut.
(Ben, Sue, and Reed stare at the wall-sized TV, mouths agape.)
Sue: He didn't.
Ben: Oh, yes, he did. Flame-boy never listens.
Sue: What did he do to his uniform?
(Reed looks down at his own uniform, to Johnny's uniform on the TV, which has the same insignia, and surreptitiously tries to cover his insignia with his jacket)
Reporter: So what are your superhero names?
Johnny: They call me the Human Torch. Ladies call me Torch.
Reporter: What about the rest of the team?
Johnny: [points to a visual] That's the Invisible Girl.
Sue: 'Girl'..?
Reporter: That's easy to remember. And Reed Richards? I heard they call him Mr. Fantastic. And can he really stretch any part of his anatomy?
(Cheers from the female members of the public behind them)
Johnny: Well, I've always found him to be a little limp.
(Another cheer from the people behind them)
Ben: Could be worse.
Reporter: What is that? What is that thing?
Johnny: That's it. The Thing. If you think that's bad, you should have seen him before.
Ben: Okay, now I'm gonna go kill him.
[Ben and Leonard walk into the lab where Victor is.]
Victor: Ben. Come in.
[Ben and Leonard stop walking.]
Ben: What is this? Where's Reed?
Victor: Where do you think? With Sue.
[Ben turns to Leonard.]
Victor: I'll take it from here, Leonard.
Leonard: Yes, sir.
[As Leonard turns around and walks towards the elevator, Ben turns to Victor and walks up to him.]
Ben: What do you want, Vic?
Victor: To help you. The machine– is ready.
Ben: [Walks closer] But Reed said it wouldn't be–
Victor: He also said we'd avoid that storm in space. But we all know how that turned out. He couldn't generate enough power for the machine to reach critical mass. Yet another mistake for Mr. Fantastic.
Ben: [Walks closer] And you can?
Victor: Yes. Tell me, do you want to be Ben Grimm again?
[Ben looks down at his hands, then closes his eyes. He opens his eyes and looks up at Victor. The doors of the machine open. Ben steps inside the machine. He turns around to see Victor before the doors close. Victor sets the machine to its highest level, then presses a button on the machine. The levels rise as Ben groans from inside the machine just before the equipment begins to power down. Walking over to the containment area of the machine, Victor opens it, revealing a miniture storm. As the storm swirled around, Victor reaches inside the containment unit and uses his powers to power up the machine, causing lightning to flow from inside the containment unit and into the machine. The machine's power levels rise higher and higher as Ben's screams fill the air. As the cosmic energy flowed through Victor and the machine, lights began to flash through the lab and the top of the building, causing the lights in the building to flicker. In Reed's bedroom, Reed is lying on a bed when he slowly opens his eyes and notices the lights flicker. Sue is looking through a medicine cabinet when she notices the lights flicker. In Times Square, Johnny sees lights flashing through the building and runs to it.]
Susan: We gotta get out of here.
Johnny: I got an idea.
Susan: Don't even think about it.
Johnny: Never do. (jumps off the building) FLAME ON!
Victor: Susan, let's not fight.
Sue: No. Let's.
About Fantastic Four (2005 film)[edit]
View Quote (Nurse; You're hot!) Why thank you, so are you. And, I'm not afraid to cry.
View Quote (sarcastically) Wow, Dr. Phil, that's deep. Let's think about that for a moment.
View Quote How long, Reed?
View Quote A face that's about to be broken!
View Quote A few days in space. What's the worst that could happen?
View Quote And to think I was about to share my life with you.
View Quote Any more bright ideas? Why don't you strip down and have a hundred people stare at you?!