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Evan: Do we have anything unleavened?
Joan: Yeah, we do. It's in the back, next to the frankincense and myrrh. We have a fancy name for it in this century. It's called pita.
Evan: Got it.
Joan: Evan, what is happening to you?(Evan is about to take a bite from the bread but Joan takes it from him)
Joan: Don't! No! Just put it down! Look at you! The hair? Are you on something? Is it a mega-growth hormon? What?(Evan remains silent)
Joan: Evan, talk to me(Evan takes a deep breath)
Evan:I'm building an ark.
Joan: What does that mean?
Evan: God appeared to me and told me to build an ark.He said it was going to be a flood and that I should be prepared.Whenever I shave, my beard grows right back out. My hair grows longer every day. This robe...(Joan now close to tears, looks worryingly at Evan in his robe)
Evan: God sent me the robe. He thought it would be funny.I actually think it's really comfortable, that's why I'm wearing it.
Joan:(slowly, trying to hide her worry) The beard, the robe. You're Noah?
Evan:(slightly nodding) Yeah, kind of.(Dylan walks into the room)
Dylan: Mom?
Joan: Not now, Noah! Dylan.
Dylan: Okay...(He leaves the room)(Joan looks back at Evan and takes a deep breath)
Joan: We left everything behind to come here. Maybe that's put to much pressure on you. I don't know. (Getting emotional) But this has got to stop! Please! You're scaring me. The boys need their father back and I need my husband back!
(She leaves the room in tears)(Evan takes a deep breath and sighs)

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