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Multiple Characters quotes

View Quote Willy: Who wants to play with Willy?
View Quote Willy: Who wants to chew my gumballs?
View Quote Willy: You're... mine now.
View Quote Peter: I want flabby grandma arms!
View Quote Peter: Monobrow! Monobrow! King wants a monobrow!
View Quote Peter: [as Superman] You shot me in the ****ing eye! That really hurts! Why would you do that? That was so unnecessary! You bastard!
View Quote Kanye West look-alike: [while Lucy is viewing the camera from Mr. Tumnus] The White Bitch doesn't care about black people.
View Quote Samuel L. Jackson look-alike: Sit, bitch, I'm always yellin'! I'm Samuel mother****ing Jackson!
View Quote Borat look-alike: Jagshemash! My name a Borat. You did it! You made moviefilm have happy ending. [the water wheel runs over the orphans] Not!
View Quote White Bitch: I hate those ****ing kids.
View Quote Paris Hilton look-alike: I'm so hot. [yells as she gets crushed by a falling Susan, who was thrown off the plane]
View Quote Mr. Tumnus : Screw Gnarnia!
View Quote White Bitch: The kids have esca-pe-d.
View Quote Ashton Kutcher look-a-like: Yes! *jumps in with camera crew* Yes! You just got Punk'd! Yes! Yes! Yeah, he did it! He did it! C'mere, say it to the camera! Say it to the camera, c'mon, say it right there! *Edward stutters* Say it!
Edward: I-I just... I just got Punk'd.
Ashton Kutcher look-alike: Ah, schwow!
*Change to Punk'd-like skit*:
Ashton Kutcher look-alike: *making exaggerated moves mocking Ashton Kutcher's Punk'd skits* Yeah! We just Punk'd Edward! Schwow! Schwow! Yeah! That was awesome! Yeah! Yes! This thing, up here, it's all me, baby! The trucker hat! That's awesome! I did it! You love it! You'll take it! Punk'd him!
*Change back to previous scene*:
Ashton Kutcher look-alike: *gibbering excitedly still over the joke* Oh, my gosh, that was really funny, oh, my gosh! Oh, my gosh! *he continues*
Edward: *yells in fury, Ashton still gibbering* Dude, you are so annoying!! *Punches Ashton, knocking him down and shutting him up*
Ashton Kutcher look-alike: *gets up after a few seconds, resuming his gibberish and his crazy movements* But oh, my gosh! That was really funny! *he continues*
Edward: *keeps punching him, Ashton replying with a "Schwow!" with every punch, until Ashton falls over* Corny-ass trucker hat!
Ashton Kutcher look-alike: *flicks snow up at Edward in a childish manner* Schwow! Schwow....
View Quote White Bitch: Behold, my white castle. [she points to a White Castle restaurant across from them]
Edward: White Castle? I think I've been there before.
View Quote Willy: Children, do you wanna know what makes all my candy taste so special?
Edward: Uh-huh.
Willy: It's a special secret ingredient. It's real human parts. There's gonna be a little itty bitty piece of each and every one of you inside of the yummy yum candy, literally.
View Quote Edward: A chocolate river! Mmm! Mmm! Chocolate! Hahahaha!
Willy: That's actually the sewer line.
View Quote Peter: [about the frozen White Bitch] We will create a democratic society, and give her a fair trail, and-
[Jack Swallows comes rolling by on the wooden wheel and runs over the Bitch]
Captain Jack Swallows: Take that, Bitch!
Peter: [Pauses] Ah, screw her anyways.
View Quote Peter: We have something the White Bitch doesn't.
Lucy: Perky breasts?
View Quote Samuel L. Jackson look-alike: I have had it with these mother****ing snakes on this mother****ing plane!
Susan: Oh, I know, please help!
Samuel L. Jackson look-alike: I have had it with these mother****ing snakes on this mother****ing plane!
Susan: I know...
Samuel L. Jackson look-alike: I have had it with these mother****ing snakes on this mother****ing plane!
Susan: Why do you keep saying that?
Samuel L. Jackson look-alike: Because internet bloggers love when I say "I have had it with these mother****ing snakes on this mother****ing plane!". I'm Samuel mother****ing Jackson!
View Quote Captain Jack Swallows: I'll get you for this... you... you... Bitch!
View Quote "Harry Potter": Welcome! My name is Harry Potter!
Susan: Aren't you a little old to still be in school?
"Harry Potter": Nonsense. I am but fourteen. [he looks at least 30] As are my two best friends, Ron and Hermione.
View Quote Silas: (in Latin) Habeas corpus. E pluribus unum. (English subtitles) I'm gonna drop you like K-Fed!
View Quote [Peter removes his jacket and wing straps]
Cyclops: He's unleashing his powers!
Storm: He's gonna spread angel wings!
[Peter clucks like a chicken and turns around showing the small-sized wings on his back; everyone starts laughing]
Mystique: More like chicken wings!
Magneto: Break it up. Break it up. You all know Peter is too much of a pussy to stand up for himself.
View Quote Peter: [to Mystique] Would you like to come to the homecoming dance with me?
Mystique: As if.
View Quote Harry Beaver: May I present the kings and queens of Gnarnia: Peter, the Heroic; Susan, the Just; Edward, the Loyal and Lucy, the Dumbshit!
View Quote Silas: (in Latin) In nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti. (English subtitles) I'm gonna go Jackie Chan on your ass!
View Quote Silas: (in Latin) Persona non grata. Magna **** laude. (English subtitles) For sheezy, White Beezy.
View Quote Silas: (in Latin) Urts-hay oh-say ood-gay! (English subtitles) Beat me like Bobby beats Whitney! (allegedly)
View Quote Silas: (in Latin) Et tu, Brute? (English subtitles) I'm Rick James, bitch!
View Quote Edward: Captain Morgan! I love your rum.
Captain Jack Swallows: No. Captain Jack... Swallows... at your service.
Edward: Jack Swallows? That's kinda gay, dude.
View Quote Aslo: Have your Dr. Phil moment later. Now get outta here!
View Quote Edward: I even got a tattoo with your name on it. [takes off his shirt, exposing what appears to be 50 Cent's tattoo]
White Bitch: That looks more like 50 Cent's tattoo, you idiot.
Edward: Shit! They did the wrong one.
View Quote Aslo: Where you going, dollface? I just took my Cialis!
Aslo's girl: Screw you, Aslo.
View Quote "Hermione": Hope you chicks are on the pill. Harry likes to get wasted, then show off his "sorcerer's stones". [farts]
Susan: They are definitely too old to still be doing this shit!
View Quote Edward: I'm going to be a lucha libre wrestler!
Nacho Libre: You think you are better than the other orphans?
View Quote White Bitch: This crystal will finally put an end to the resistance. I will start a series of earthquakes that will collapse all of Gnarnia and grow a new continent where only I and my followers will live.
Bink: Yo, Bitch, that's pretty much the plot of Superman Returns.
White Bitch: Pretty much, yeah.
View Quote Lucy: I don't get it.
Man in "The Last Supper": You're all related! Brothers and sisters! You're a family, for Christ's sake! [Jesus rolls his eyes] Sorry.
View Quote Lauren Conrad: Nice hair, Rogue. [Rogue touches her, causing her to fall to the ground, seemingly dead]
View Quote Edward: Now we're gonna be stuck here till we die.
Peter: Shut up, Edward. You're scaring her.
Edward: Don't tell me what to do! You're not my father!
View Quote Susan: Let us out, freak!
Lucy: Let us out, freak!
Willy: No, no. I can't do that.
Susan: Yes, you can!
View Quote Peter [to Lucy]: What are you doing?
Lucy: Willy told me he wanted his knob polished.
Susan: Dumbass.
View Quote Susan: I never had anyone. I raised myself.
Lucy: That's why you have such a tough exterior.
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