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Elvis (2005)

Elvis (2005) quotes

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Colonel Tom Parker
Elvis Presley
Sam Phillips

View Quote Sam Phillips: [after hearing Presley, Moore and Black mess around playing "That's All Right"] Wait, what the hell was that?
Elvis Presley: I don't know, sir. Just messin' around.
Sam Phillips: You been holdin' out on me, boy?
Elvis Presley: What do you mean, sir?
Sam Phillips: [laughs] Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup, for God's sakes. You know more of that music?
Elvis Presley: Well, yes, sir... know lots of it.
Sam Phillips: Damn. What the hell you been wasting my time for? C'mon! Let's back it up! Try to find a place to start and do it again!
View Quote Sam Phillips: Who do you think you are, Tom.
Colonel Tom Parker: [smoking a cigar] Call me Colonel.
Sam Phillips: I discovered the boy. He's a raw talent. He didn't even know what he had when he first came into Sun Records. Look how far he's going.
Colonel Tom Parker: How much further can you take him? Can you compete with RCA, with whom I've had relations over the years? Do you have to wherewithal to take him national? I have contacts in New York, Los Angeles. Music, film, television. You name it. [pause] I know you like the boy. So, I know you won't stand in the way of his dreams. [pause] You need the money, Sam. I checked.
Sam Phillips: I'll think about it, Tom.
View Quote Scotty Moore: [on Elvis's break-up from Dixie] I'm sorry, man.
Elvis Presley: Everything ends.
Scotty Moore: Well, I guess that's true.
Elvis Presley: You know I have a twin brother?
Scotty Moore: No.
Elvis Presley: Jesse Garon. He died when I was born. I still talk to him sometimes. And that's why I think I got such good rhythm. You know I had a back beat there in the whom. Two hearts beating.
Scotty Moore: Yeah.
Elvis Presley: Me and Jesse. And that's why momma frets so. She's just...afraid she's gonna lose me too.
Scotty Moore: That's not gonna happen. I promised your momma I would take care of you.
Elvis Presley: And you have, man. And I appreciate that.
Scotty Moore: I know you do. Let's get outta here. C'mon.
View Quote Steve Binder: [on Colonel Parker] Why do you put up with him bullying you? Treating you like a child?
Elvis Presley: You know, I've thought about that a lot over the years. And I'd try to explain it to you, but you just wouldn't understand.
Steve Binder: I think I do.
Elvis Presley: How? You know nothing about the world I come from.
Steve Binder: Actually, I know a lot about you, Elvis. It's my job. Your not that poor kid from Tupelo anymore. You live in the big house. You can be your own boss man. You've certainly out grown that old carny.
Elvis Presley: I gave him my word. Besides, before me there was no such thing as a rock star. He wrote the book on how to make one. Anyone else I'll hire will just have read it.
Steve Binder: Well, maybe it's time to write a new book. Your own book.
View Quote Vernon Presley: A million dollars?
Gladys Presley: Sounds like a lot of banana all to me. Elvis is already working too hard. Look how skinny he is.
Elvis Presley: Oh, momma, I've been eating everything you've been putting in front of me. And it ain't work. I like it, it's fun.
Colonel Tom Parker: Time to sell the apples is when they're on the tree not after they fall into the ground. Now, this boy, he's ripe now. So he has to work hard for a couple of years. He's young. He can handle it. Then after couple of years, raking in the cash, he take it easy, do what he wants.
Vernon Presley: [to Gladys] He can retire on a million dollars.
Gladys Presley: All this TV and movie bushwa. That's all in New York City and California. Whose gonna look after my boy there? I don't trust em kind of folk.
Colonel Tom Parker: Exactly. Now, Sam Phillips, he's a nice enough fellow, but those big city boys they will eat him for lunch. Me? I'm one of you.
Gladys Presley: And where is it you're from exactly?
Colonel Tom Parker: I've wondered the land, much like a gypsy.
Gladys Presley: Well, thank you for stopping by, Mr. Parker. We'll let you know.
Colonel Tom Parker: If you would call me Colonel, ma'am.
View Quote Vernon Presley: Do you know how much money you spent last month? Over 500, 000 dollars. And more the month before. Your gonna break us. Your gonna put us in the poor house.
Elvis Presley: I can always earn more money.
Vernon Presley: Why can't you just stop buyin' stuff?
Elvis Presley: Cuz I like the look on folks faces when I buy 'em something, daddy. Oh, you remember when we were dirt poor. How nice it would've been if someone came along and bought me a car.
Vernon Presley: Well, I ain't sayin' that it ain't a nice thing, but you keep this up, and we're gonna be livin' in a Tupelo shotgun shack again. [Elvis is nodding off] Elvis?
Elvis Presley: I gotta take a nap, daddy. Where are my sleepin' pills?
Vernon Presley: Your noddin' off already. Do you need 'em?
View Quote Vernon Presley: I'm worried about you, son.
Elvis Presley: Why? And what are you lookin' at me like that for? Have I got a zit or somethin'?
Vernon Presley: It's the pills, E. I'm concerned about your health.
Elvis Presley: I know what I'm doing.
Vernon Presley: I'm just trying to help you, son.
Elvis Presley: [shouting] I don't need no advice from the likes of you! You work for me! That's it! Understand?!
Vernon Presley: I'm your daddy!
Elvis Presley: And I'm of age, old man! I don't need a daddy anymore!
View Quote Vernon Presley: Where we gonna come up with millions of dollars?
Elvis Presley: I'll talk to my agent's.
Vernon Presley: They in cahoots with the Colonel, they won't help us.
Elvis Presley: I get us a lawyer. I'll figure something out, daddy.
Vernon Presley: Lawyer's steal faster than a man with a gun. We could lose everything, E. What about your word? You made the man a promise. He kept up his end of the bargain.
Elvis Presley: Well lately, his hands been draggin' in the dirt and I've been doing all the heavy liftin', daddy! Now, I'll figure something out. Please, I'm dying here. I can manage myself.
Vernon Presley: But how? Is all I'm asking. You can't handle money. I got the bills to prove that. You don't even carry any money on you. Hell, you don't even know your own phone number. How are you gonna manage yourself?
Elvis Presley: I'll get somebody else.
Vernon Presley: Who? [Elvis doesn't say a word] Who, Elvis?
View Quote [after rehearsing a scene]
Ann-Margret: That sure was fun.
Elvis Presley: Sure as hell was. You can move, baby.
Ann-Margret: You can sing, baby.
[Elvis watches Ann-Margret walk away]
Elvis Presley: This is one movie I might enjoy makin'.
Charlie Hodge: She's like a female you.
View Quote [after the success of the sit-down session]
Elvis Presley: Steve, that was great, man.
[hugs Steve]
Steve Binder: Congratulations, man. You were great.
Elvis Presley: Oh, thank you. Thank you, bro.
Steve Binder: [points to the "ELVIS" sign in big red letters] Hey, look at that. New beginnings.
Elvis Presley: Yeah. New beginning.
View Quote [arriving at Graceland]
Vernon Presley: It was named after the sellers great aunt Grace. You can call it anything you want.
Elvis Presley: Graceland. I like it, momma.
Vernon Presley: We'll put chicken coops and hog pens in the back. Momma will put in her garden. We'll do her bedroom up in pink wallpaper. They said they could have it all ready by September.
Gladys Presley: Don't it look just like Tara in Gone with the Wind, baby?
Elvis Presley: Momma, remember I told you I'd buy you a house. And now you got a palace.
View Quote [at Fort Hood, Texas]
Elvis Presley: [on the phone to Gladys] It's all over, momma. They're not gonna remember me when I come back from this.
Gladys Presley: [on the phone] Course they are, baby. You just gotta trust the Colonel. [pause, tearfully] I miss you, Elvis.
Elvis Presley: [tearfully] I miss you, momma. [pause] Momma, I gotta go now. The drill sergeant wakes me up just about the time I used to go to bed.
Gladys Presley: You really gotta go?
Elvis Presley: I guess not. I ain't got a lot to say though, momma.
Gladys Presley: You don't gotta say nothin', baby. Just don't hang up.
View Quote [backstage, dressed in a black leather suit, about to get ready to appear in front of a live audience]
Steve Binder: What's going on, Elvis?
Elvis Presley: I'm sorry, Steve. I can't do it, man. I can't go on.
Steve Binder: What?
Elvis Presley: This whole thing was just a bad idea. I haven't played in front of the live audience in more than seven years, man. I don't know if I can do it anymore. What if they don't like me?
Steve Binder: "Don't like you?" Oh my God... Elvis, you created rock 'n roll. You're the King. You step out there, your gonna be King again.
Scotty Moore: It's just like riding a bike, Elvis. Once you get on stage it's gonna be like old times.
[cut to]
Title card: "Before Elvis, there was nothing..." - John Lennon
View Quote [In Sun Records]
Elvis Presley: Ma'am, this is where they make all those R&B Records, right? Rufus Thomas? The Prisonaires?
Marion Keisker: That's us.
Elvis Presley: Oh ma'am, I like those records a whole lot. I was wonderin', ma'am, if... if anyone needed a singer or somethin'.
Marion Keisker: What kind of a singer are you?
Elvis Presley: I sing all kinds.
Marion Keisker: You sing hillbilly?
Elvis Presley: I sing hillbilly.
Marion Keisker: Country?
Elvis Presley: I sing country.
Marion Keisker: Okay, who do you sound like?
Elvis Presley: I don't sound like nobody, ma'am.
View Quote [last title card]
Title card: Elvis' 1968 Comeback Special received rave reviews from the critics and was seen by nearly half of the American television audience.
Elvis never realized his dream of touring overseas, and he never left the Colonel.
Worn out by touring, high living, and prescription drug dependency, Elvis died in 1977. He was 42.
His records still sell by the millions. Elvis remains The King.