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Elvis Presley quotes

View Quote One day, I'm gonna be the man in the big house.
View Quote [during his Comeback Special] I was down in Florida, the state police decided to come and fill my show. All I had to stand still and all I can move was this little finger here.
View Quote [after performing "Lawdy Miss Clawdy"] Thank you very much.
View Quote [at the Jacksonville Theater after singing "Don't Be Cruel"] I'll see you girls backstage.
View Quote [whilst at RCA recording a song] I don't care how many time's we done it. We're gonna keep on doin' it, till I get it the way I hear it in my head.
View Quote The higher I climb, the lonelier it gets.
View Quote Before me there was no such thing as a rock star.
View Quote [to Larry Geller] I swear to God, man. [tearfully] No one knows how empty I feel. I mean no one knows anything about me, man, least of all me. What is this emptiness? I have no right to feel this way.
View Quote I don't wanna sing another song that I don't believe in! I don't wanna make another movie that I don't care about! This TV thing has me excited for the first time in years. I'm having fun with my music and I don't wanna lose that feeling.
View Quote When I'm on stage, I'm a different person.
View Quote [holds up a newspaper with the headline "Sullivan Vows NO Elvis"] Ed Sullivan says he wouldn't touch me with a ten foot pole.
View Quote [last lines] Guess what, Steve? I'm touring Vegas.
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