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Lloyd: How much for a beer?
Bartender: It's gratis.
Lloyd: [misunderstanding what "gratis" means] Ooh. That sounds expensive. Can you give us a moment?
[Harry and Lloyd turn around to talk]
Harry: Lloyd, we blew our money on the graduation robes. Maybe we shouldn't drink.
Lloyd: No way! I need booze, man. If I meet your daughter without a buzz on, she'll think I'm an idiot. [notices two men finishing their beers and gets a sneaky idea] Hey, wait a minute! What about the ol' Stinkeroo?
Harry: [thinks for a moment] Yeah! I'm in.
[Harry and Lloyd sneak over to the table, where they mix various drinks to create fake beers. Then, they scratch their butts with one hand each and grab the beer glasses with the same hand]
Lloyd: [to Ms. Sourpuss as she walks by] 'Scuse me, ma'am.
Ms. Sourpuss: Yes?
Lloyd: This beer smells funky. Could I have a new one, please?
Ms. Sourpuss: What do you mean funky?
Lloyd: Go ahead. Take a sniff. [holds out the glass for Ms. Sourpuss to sniff]
Ms. Sourpuss: [sniffs the glass] EWW! [takes the glass] I'll get you a freshie.
Harry: Mine's stinky, too. [holds out the hand that he scratched his butt with, only for Lloyd to hit him on the arm, reminding him to hold the glass out. Harry does so]
Ms. Sourpuss: [sniffs Harry's glass, then gags in disgust] Yours smells even WORSE! [takes the glass] I'll be right back.
[Harry and Lloyd laugh]
Lloyd: "Yours smells even worse!"
Harry: Thanks. You're really good at that, Lloyd.
Lloyd: Well, I learned from the best. [looks up] Thanks, Mom.

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