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Harry: This is stupid Lloyd, I'm not gonna steal an old lady's hearing aid!
Lloyd: Relax we're just looking for a backup pair, there's gotta be some around here.
[Lloyd and Harry search Mrs. Snergle's room for a hearing aid.]
Mrs. Snergle: Mikey?
Lloyd: [pretending to be Mrs. Snergle's grandson] Yeah, Gran. It's Mikey.
Mrs. Snergle: Oh, thank God you're here. I've got the diamonds.
Harry: [loudly] Did she say diamonds?
[Lloyd frantically shushes Harry and dashes to Mrs. Snergle's bed.]
Lloyd: Go ahead, Granny. Mikey's listening.
Mrs. Snergle: I want you to take all the diamonds with you when you go. I've been hiding them from those thieving lawyers.
Lloyd: That's good. Granny did a good thing! So, where are the rocks?
Mrs. Snergle: [pointing down] They're underneath me.
Lloyd: [about to look under bed] You mean, under the bed?
Mrs. Snergle: No, under the blanket.
Lloyd: Oh.
[Lloyd puts his arm under blanket and searches; Mrs. Snergles starts moaning.]
Lloyd: [chuckling] I'm not finding anything.
Mrs. Snergle: Go up more.
[Lloyd reaches his arm under blanket further towards Mrs. Snergle.]
Lloyd: Up here?
Mrs. Snergle: Keep going.
[Lloyd reaches his arm up even further, unaware he has just stuck his hand up Mrs. Snergle's vagina]
Lloyd: Did you hide them inside this turkey?
Mrs. Snergle: Yeah, right. [inhales seductively]
Lloyd: [wiggling his arm] Wait. There's no diamonds here!
Mrs. Snergle: [sternly] And you're not my grandson!
Lloyd: [trying to pull out his arm] Harry, she's got me. She's really clamping down!
[Lloyd finally pulls his hand out from blanket, now covered in dust. Mrs. Snergles giggles mischievously.]
Harry: [shuddering] Lloyd? I think that was her gran-gina!
Mrs. Snergle: That's right! So you can cross that one off your bucket list!
[Lloyd blows dust off his hand. Some of it flies into his and Harry's faces and they cough.]

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