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Chapter SEVEN quotes

View Quote In which Grace finally gets enough of Dogville, leaves the town, and again sees the light of day
That evening Tom had sensed at once that something had taken place, but had to plead with Grace for ages before she finally broke down and unburdened herself.
View Quote I came here with all these ideas and these stupid prejudices. He is not strong, Tom. He looks strong, but he's not. Grace
View Quote Next day the weather changed. The fog came rolling down from the mountains. And although there were no sunsets to be seen, McKay thought it best that she sat by him anyway. She had sat by Jack McKay so many times now, but Jack had not got better at judging the distance between them. On the contrary, where fingers alone had previously brushed her young flesh, now it was a hand that remained in place throughout the allotted span.
View Quote The hours in the orchard were long now, for the harvest was underway. And Grace had long since given up arguing with Chuck's perception that respect for cultivation, harvest, and fruit could be directly measured in provision of carnality.
View Quote Though reluctant to leave Grace alone Tom wandered around quite often now, lost in thought as he tried to crack the problem of possible escape. And as Grace's wages no longer found their way to her purse he had stepped in, and together they had triumphantly picked up the last of the seven figurines from Ma Ginger's window.
View Quote She saw you, Grace. She saw you. Behind this pile of broken limbs... with Chuck... He said it wasn't the first time you'd made advances towards him. He never told me before because he wanted to spare my feelings. He's a withdrawn and primitive man, but at heart he's loyal and he is good. What do you want with my husband? Vera
View Quote I believe smashing them is less a crime than making them. Vera
View Quote Vera, remember how I taught your children... Remember how happy you were, when I... When I taught your children about the doctrine of stoicism and they finally understood it. Grace
View Quote All right, for that, I'm gonna be lenient. I'm going to break two of your figurines first, and if you can demonstrate your knowledge of the doctrine of stoicism by holding back your tears, I'll stop. Have you got that. Vera
View Quote In her lifetime Grace had had considerable practice at constraining her emotions, and would never have believed it would be hard to control them now. But as the porcelain pulverized on the floor it was as if it were human tissue disintegrating. The figurines were the offspring of the meeting between the township and her. They were the proof that in spite of everything, her suffering had created something of value. Grace could no longer cope. For the first time since her childhood, she wept.
View Quote Knowing the exact time to harvest is the greatest art of all, Chuck had said, and the time had come. For the apples and for Grace.
View Quote June is near to bursting. She can't use the pot on her own, as you well know. It ain't fitting' to toy with her just 'cause she's crippled and can't help herself. Olivia
View Quote The evening before the escape Tom tactically thought it best not to press his desires of the flesh too hard upon Grace, and instead he adopted a more sensitive approach.
View Quote There is a right and a wrong time to plant seeds and you can't plant seeds in the winter. Tom
View Quote You love me and we will meet again in love and in freedom. Grace
View Quote I shouldn't be ashamed wanting you, should I? It's nothing to be ashamed of. Tom
View Quote Its lovely. It's lovely that we want each other. But not this way. Grace
View Quote As Grace hastened to the garage, she grew more and more pleased with the decision to keep her departure under wraps. There was actually quite a bit of work Dogville didn't need doing that its residents would have to carry out for themselves in future.
View Quote You said once, you said once, that there aren't many pleasures in my life. And you know... I go to Miss Laura once a week. And you got me to see that it weren't nothing to be ashamed of. I was gonna go there tonight and of course it costs me. I mean, not as much... not as much as a surcharge for dangerous goods, but still... it does cost me, you know. Ben
View Quote It's not personal, Grace. It's not personal. I just... I have to take due payment, that's all. I don't... I don't have a choice. Ben
View Quote Grace fell asleep on the long highway, thanks to her healthy ability to push any unpleasantness around her far away. A generous God had blessed her with the rare talent of being able to look ahead, and only ahead. And later when the truck slowed down about to reach its destination and she slowly returned to consciousness, she had no way of knowing how long she had slept. All she knew was that she would be happy to see the light of day again. And then she heard the dog.
View Quote It didn't help Grace that the first theft ever registered in Dogville had taken place the previous evening, when most people were assembled for the town meeting. Old Tom Edison Senior had had a considerable sum of money stolen from his medicine closet and suspicion soon fell on Grace, who had apparently been planning an escape that would surely require funding. Grace chose to remain silent in the face of these new charges.
View Quote Grace, we don't like having to do this. We don't have much of a choice if we are to protect our community. Tom Sr.
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