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District 9

District 9 quotes

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Wikus Van De Merwe

View Quote Christopher Johnson's Son: Fuel goes in here!
Christopher Johnson: That's enough! QUIET!
Johnson's Son: ...then we fly away.
Johnson: I said QUIET! We cannot trust him.
Wikus Van De Merwe: What is he saying about the fuel, is this, are you trying to start this thing? He-he... Are you little fookers trying to start this, and get away, eh?
Johnson: Never mind.
Van De Merwe: Ha-ha. Yeah, you sneaky fokken prawns, heh? I knew you prawns were intelligent.
Johnson: Too bad. I could have fixed you.
Van De Merwe: Wha-- Well-well-wha-what did you say about-about the fixing?
View Quote Christopher Johnson's Son: How many moons does our planet have?
Christopher Johnson: Seven.
Johnson's Son: This planet only has one. I can't wait to see our planet again... it's bigger than this one, isn't it?
Johnson: [turns off holographic atlas of what seems to be the Alien home planet] Enough grr.
Johnson's Son: We go home now?
Johnson: Not home, no. This is where we must go. [shows his son an MNU brochure outlining "Sanctuary Park Alien Relocation Camp" aka District 10] See that tent there? That might be ours.
Johnson's Son: I want to go home!
Johnson: We can't go home. Not anymore.
View Quote Christopher Johnson: [after Wikus uses his alien weapon to kill a guard] ****! I thought you said not to kill them?
Wikus Van De Merwe: He shot at me!
View Quote MNU Agent: MNU! We're serving eviction notices.
Alien: What is "eviction"?
View Quote Wikus Van De Merwe: Don't give up on me, Okay? Because I haven't given up on you. Alright?
Tania Van De Merwe: I won't.
View Quote [catches on that the alien ship's command section is under Christopher Johnson's shack] This whole's thing's under your shack? For 20 years, you've had this fookin' thing hidden down here? This is, this is very illegal. I mean, this is... this is a fine — if they catch you with it.
View Quote [in the Exo-Suit] You wanna fookin' play with me, Koobus?! You fooker!
View Quote [on the phone, after his call is aborted] I've been friends with you for fookin' 19 years, man! [to an observer] Fook off! What are you watching, man?! Fook off!
View Quote [pointing at alien graffiti] This is basically a guy, and there's three humans here. Basically trying to make a warning, you know, he's saying "I killed three humans, watch out for me."
View Quote [to his wife] Honey, you have to believe me, I never had sex with a creature. I would never have sex with any fookin' creature!
View Quote You almost poked my eye out with a fookin' lollipop! I'm tryin' to be fookin' nice to you, man!