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Antonio: Cool glasses.
Margo: Uh... [chuckles nervously]
Antonio: I’m Antonio.
Margo: I’m...Margo.
Antonio: I was just going to get a cookie. Care to join me?
Margo: [nervous] Uh,... sure. I’m... Margo. [once seeing her going out with Antonio, Edith, still wearing her diving mask and snorkel, loudly clears her throat in suspicion; nervous] Um... I’ll catch up with you guys later. Bye! [leaves her sisters]
Edith: [in disgust] Can I be the first to say... Ewwww!
Agnes: [eagerly shaking Edith] We gotta go tell Gru!
[Meanwhile, Gru arrives at Eagle Hair Club]
Gru: [contacting Lucy] Alright, I’m going in.
Lucy: [informs him at Bake My Day by monitor as he activates a chem-tracking device shaped like a belt; through headphones] If it picks up any traces of the serum, the center of your belt buckle [aloud] will make a sound like this: Mee-Mo-Mee-Mo-Mee-Mo!
Gru: [cuts off Lucy; annoyed] Okay! I get it! I get it! [fumbles with the automatic door, then enters Eagle Hair Club]
Floyd: [chuckles] Welcome to Eagle Hair Club. [turns his eagle-like chair, revealing himself holding and stroking a toupee] It’s about time you showed up...Mr. Gru. [the bald eagle perched next to him squawks]
Gru: You...know my name?
Floyd: [chuckles] When someone moves into the mall who is follically challenged, I make it my business to know all about them. You are bald. And that is bad. [strokes the toupee he’s holding, kisses it, then puts it on a mannequin head] There you go, my sweet.
[at Bake My Day]
Lucy: [monitoring Gru’s chem-tracking device] I’m getting nothing so far. I think you need to look around.
[at Eagle Hair Club, after listening to Lucy in the headphones; Gru walks away, smiling nervously, and starts looking around the mall, but none of the mannequin heads give a signal]
Gru: [starts thrusting his hips once noticing a painting] Wow, this looks interesting. What is it?
Floyd: [suspiciously] I take it you’re an art lover?
Lucy: [in headphones] No serum.
Gru: Yeah, not so much. [walks over to a podium holding a trophy and starts thrusting his hips at it] Oh, how about this impressive trinket?
Floyd: [gasps] I hardly call it trinket, Mr. Gru.
Lucy: [in headphones] Nothing.
Floyd: The International—
Gru: Yeah, I don’t care. [moves over to a shelf filled with wig samples and starts straddling it]
Lucy: [in headphones, startling Gru] Mee-Mo-Mee-Mo-Mee-Mo!!! Hold on, I’m picking up something. Behind that wall!
Gru: Ahh... and what do we have here?
Floyd: [grabs a sample] These are my trial wigs. [hands Gru a bag with a wig in it] You should take one.
Gru: No, thanks. [sticks his head into the shelf] So what’s on the other side of the wall?
Floyd: There you are! Look at me! Focus!
Lucy: [in headphones] Gru?
Floyd: I promise, that this wig will transform you from ugly to irresistible.
[Gru is staring at the wig when Agnes and Edith hastily storm inside Eagle Hair Club, making him lose his focus]
Gru: [suddenly hysterical, to Edith] Date?! [to Agnes] Boyfriend?! [to Floyd] What?! [Floyd shrugs shoulders and shakes his head nervously; Gru stares at Agnes and Edith]
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