N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z #

Lucy: Gru, call one of your munchkins!
Gru: [by communicator; to his minions] We've been spotted! Come get us!
Dave: Huh? [to Stuart] Hey! Loo-koo-meow-plah!
Stuart: Ah! Koom-kwat!
[Dave and Stuart break in to Paradise Mall using Lucy's car. They try to keep her car in control while driving, but accidentally push a cleaning cart blocking their way. From the balcony, Gru and Lucy see the car controlled by the Minions which causes wreckage while driving in circles around the fountain]
Lucy: Hm. Subtle.
[As the car keeps driving in circles in the main hall, Gru and Lucy run off the balcony from the inactive escalator]
Gru: [attempting to stop the car] Over here! Over here! Over... [the car passes by him and Lucy; flatly] [As the out of control car driven by the Minions goes up the escalator, Gru takes a pistol out of his jacket, then shoots out a grappling hook, connecting himself to the balcony railing; grabs Lucy] Hold tight!
[The two zip to the balcony again by Gru‘s grappling hook pistol, but Lucy’s car passes by them again; Gru groans in frustration while hanging on the handrail. Once seeing Eduardo, Lucy and Gru get off the handrail, then run as fast as they can. However, they are noticed until Gru accidentally hits a cactus unharmed]
Eduardo: [pulls out some knives; chuckles] I have you now! [gets tackled by Lucy’s car from behind, scattering his knives all over; Gru remains hidden, while Lucy approaches her car, then opens the car door, revealing Dave and Stuart staring at her]
Dave: [holding a toothpick like a cigarette] Rawr, rawr. [Stuart pushes the gas pedal twice. Not soon after, Lucy takes over the steering wheel and drives past the unconscious Eduardo, breaking out of the mall. Once they start plummeting to the ground, Gru screams hysterically until Lucy presses a button, transforming her car into a jet and they take off]
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