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Gru: Hey, Tim! Nice haircut! Donny, hang in there, baby! It’s almost Friday. [high-fives Donny before as he approaches Dr. Nefario] So, how’s today batch, Doctor Nefario?
Dr. Nefario: I’ve developed a new formula which allowed me to get every known kind of berry into one flavor of jelly.
Gru': [sticks his finger in and tastes the goo; disgusted] That tastes good... [gags] Love the flavor of that...
Dr. Nefario: It’s horrible, isn’t it?
Gru: No! No! Oh, we’re making great progress! [to the Minions] Here, try some off this. [hands the jar to a Minion, who tastes it but gags, handing it over to another, who tastes it and scrapes the jelly off his tongue before smashing the jar and all Minions run away] Whoa... okay, just because everybody hates it doesn’t mean it’s not good.
Dr. Nefario: Listen, Gru. There’s something I’ve been meaning to talk to you about for some time now.
Gru: What? What’s wrong?
Dr. Nefario: [clears his throat] I miss being evil. Sinister plots, large-scale crimes...It’s what I live for! I mean, don’t you think, that there’s more to our future than jelly?
Gru: Well... [delighted] I’m also considering a line of jams...
Dr. Nefario: Um...the thing is, Gru... [takes a deep breath] I’ve had an offer of employment elsewhere.
Gru: [pauses; smug] Dr. Nefario! Come on, you’re kidding, right?
Dr. Nefario: [presses a button, folding his inventory into a suitcase] It’s a great opportunity for me, bigger lab, more evil, full dental...
Gru: [stares back at his old friend and sighs; calmly] Very well. Let us give you the proper send-off. [calls his henchmen off-screen] Minions! [seven Minions walk in, each carrying a fart gun; solemnly] The highest honor awarded to Dr. Nefario for your years of service – the twenty-one Fart Gun salute!
Minion: Buado! [seven fart guns are fired] Buado! [seven fart guns are fired] Buado! [seven fart guns are fired]
Dr. Nefario: [coughs as the fart blows past him] Uh, I counted twenty-two. [he and Gru look at Dave, who laughs embarrassedly]
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