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Curious George

Curious George quotes

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View Quote Cab Driver: There's no screaming in cabs!
View Quote Clovis: [seeing the three-inch idol] Ted, I'm not one to judge. But hasn't its size been exaggerated just a wee bit?
View Quote Bloomsberry: We'll be cutting through heavy brush for 12 hours a day.
View Quote Cab Driver: Where you going, Yellow?
Ted, The Man with the Yellow Hat: Bloomsberry Museum, please. I'll give you 10 bucks extra if you'll stop calling me Yellow.
Cab Driver: You got it, Sunshine.
View Quote Clovis: I should hope so, because that is a lot of yellow for one man.
Ted, The Man with the Yellow Hat: You see it's... I thought you were color-blind.
Clovis: I can see that.
View Quote Miss Plushbottom: [singing operatically] Yoooou... aaaare... FIREEED!
Painter #1: Hey, she fired us in song.
Painter #2: It still hurts!
View Quote Mr. Bloomsberry: [to Junior] Nonsense. We promised the people something awe-inspiring, and we're giving it to them, thanks to Ted and George. [to Ted] I knew you wouldn't let me down.
Ted, The Man with the Yellow Hat: Well, sir, I've got to tell you, I came pretty close.
Mr. Bloomsberry: No, no, Ted, I am so proud of you. You're like the son I never had.
Junior: Father, I'm your son, remember?
Mr. Bloomsberry: Yes, but I had you. [to Ted] Ted, this is amazing.
Ivan: [with a thick Russian accent] If I find pet, you are "ewicted."
Ted, The Man with the Yellow Hat: E-what-ed?
Ivan: E-vic-ted!
View Quote Ted, The Man with the Yellow Hat: His "enormous idol" looks like it came out of a cereal box!
Junior: Wow, that must be a huge box of cereal, or...
Ted, The Man with the Yellow Hat: It's only 3 inches tall!
View Quote Ted, The Man with the Yellow Hat: Please, just go! Do you understand?
[George grabs on Ted's leg]
View Quote [Ted drives up to the docks]
Ted: [the boat with George in it is already leaving] Oh, no! I'm too late. Or am I? Luckily, movies have taught me exactly what to do in this situation. Kids, don't try this at home. [starts driving full speed toward the pier where the boat left] Here we go! [breaks through the pier gate and goes flying onto the boat] What am I doing? This isn't a movie. IT'S REAL!!! [the car splashes into a pool on the boat]
View Quote [The kids start talking at once]
Maggie: Children...
Ted, The Man with the Yellow Hat: Okay, you know what? [sees the George Washington statue] His name's Washington.
Kid: Man, that's a dumb name!
Ted, The Man with the Yellow Hat: Then call him George! How's that? Happy now?
Maggie: Oh, I like George.
View Quote Do yourself a favor. You're gonna want to put the cu****bers back on.
View Quote George, what did you do?
View Quote It's the same hat! And the same monkey! You followed me all the way from Africa? To play Peekaboo?
View Quote Junior was right. There is a parking problem in the city!