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Bennett quotes

I'm not going to shoot you between the eyes, John, I'm going to shoot you between the balls!

Diaz: ...And if you want your kid back, then you gonna co-operate, right?
Matrix: WRONG! (shoots him between the eyes)

Matrix: Sully, remember when I promised to kill you last?
Sully: That's right Matrix, you did
Matrix: I lied.

[After Matrix dropped Sully of the cliff]
Cindy: Where is Sully?
Matrix: I let him go...

Cook: Scared? Well you should be, 'cos this Green Beret's going to kick your big ass!
Matrix: I eat Green Berets for breakfast and right now I am VERY hungry!
Cindy: I can't believe this bunch of macho bull shit.

Matrix: I'll be back, Bennett.
Bennett: John, I'll be ready, John!

Soldier: Slitting a little girl's throat is like a warm knife through butter.
Bennett: [to the soldier] Put the knife away, and shut your mouth.
Bennett: [to Aris] I love listening to your little piss ant soldiers trying to talk tough, they make me laugh. If Matrix was here, he'd laugh too.
Arius: My soldiers are patriots.
Bennett: Your soldiers are nothing, Matrix and I could kill every one of them, at the blink of an eye - you remember that.
Arius: Are you trying to frighten me Mr Bennett?
Bennett: I don't have to try. When Matrix finishes the job, he'll be back for his daughter - no matter whether she's dead or alive, it doesn't matter. Then he'll be after you, and the only thing between Matrix and you... is me.
Arius: I think it is you that is afraid Mr Bennett, you are afraid of Matrix.
Bennett: Of course, I'm smart. But I have an edge, I have his daughter...

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