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Commando quotes

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John Matrix

View Quote Cook: Scared? Well you should be, 'cos this Green Beret's going to kick your big ass!
Matrix: I eat Green Berets for breakfast and right now I am VERY hungry!
Cindy: I can't believe this bunch of macho bull shit.
View Quote Diaz: ...And if you want your kid back, then you gonna co-operate, right?
Matrix: WRONG! (shoots him between the eyes)
View Quote Matrix: I'll be back, Bennett.
Bennett: John, I'll be ready, John!
View Quote Matrix: Sully, remember when I promised to kill you last?
Sully: That's right Matrix, you did
Matrix: I lied.
View Quote Soldier: Slitting a little girl's throat is like a warm knife through butter.
Bennett: [to the soldier] Put the knife away, and shut your mouth.
Bennett: [to Aris] I love listening to your little piss ant soldiers trying to talk tough, they make me laugh. If Matrix was here, he'd laugh too.
Arius: My soldiers are patriots.
Bennett: Your soldiers are nothing, Matrix and I could kill every one of them, at the blink of an eye - you remember that.
Arius: Are you trying to frighten me Mr Bennett?
Bennett: I don't have to try. When Matrix finishes the job, he'll be back for his daughter - no matter whether she's dead or alive, it doesn't matter. Then he'll be after you, and the only thing between Matrix and you... is me.
Arius: I think it is you that is afraid Mr Bennett, you are afraid of Matrix.
Bennett: Of course, I'm smart. But I have an edge, I have his daughter...
View Quote [After Matrix dropped Sully of the cliff]
Cindy: Where is Sully?
Matrix: I let him go...
View Quote [After breaking the man's neck on the plane] Oh, and do me a favour - don't disturb my friend. He is dead tired.
View Quote [After throwing a pipe through him with steam coming out of it] Let off some steam, Bennett.
View Quote [Before fighting Bennett] C'mon, Bennett, let's party!.
View Quote [Dangling Sully over the cliff] Hey Sully: Remember when I told you I was going to kill you last? I lied. [drops Sully]
View Quote [Dangling Sully over the cliff] Loyalty isn't the most important thing. The most important thing is GRAVITY!
View Quote [Dangling Sully over the cliff] Sully! This is my weak arm!
View Quote All that matters to me now is Jenny.
View Quote I'm not going to shoot you between the eyes, John, I'm going to shoot you between the balls!