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Dr. Wheeler: Mark, it's so awful! It's so terrible.
Dr. Bellows: Take it easy. Honey, slow down.
Dr. Wheeler: He was trying to kill me. And I had to keep going. And all the bodies. It's horrible!
Dr. Bellows: Take it easy. Slow down.
Dr. Wheeler: Mark, it's all happening. It's really happening. Somebody's putting people into comas. They're murdering them. No, no, really. Kelly's dead. I was down there. I found the gas line. It starts in the basement and it goes up the main tunnel then plugs into the oxygen line in the ceiling that goes to O.R. 8.
Dr. Bellows: Honey, slow down.
Dr. Wheeler: They're killing people with carbon monoxide in O.R. 8. They have a radio to turn the valve.
Dr. Bellows: I believe you.
Dr. Wheeler: All the cases happened in O.R. 8. And they all went to the Jefferson Institute. And this guy, he chased me all over. And there were so many bodies.
Dr. Bellows: It's all right. It's okay.
Dr. Wheeler: And this is real. Call the police. We have to do something! This is real, Mark. I can prove it.
Dr. Bellows: Sure, you can. You can. Just lie down.
Dr. Wheeler: This is real.
Dr. Bellows: I know you can. Now one thing at a time. I want to give you a Valium and how about a cup of tea to settle you down? A cup of hot tea? Then we're going to talk after you settle down. So you just rest right here. You just stay right here on the bed? That-a-girl. That's it. You just relax.
Dr. Wheeler: I can't...
Dr. Bellows: That's it. Just relax. Close your eyes. That's it. Okay, that-a-girl. Now, I'll get you a cup of tea.
Dr. Wheeler: You're so great, Mark.
Dr. Bellows: Stay here, honey. Just stay right here. [calling out from the kitchen] That's a hell of a story, Susan. You really had a lot of people worried. Don't worry. Everything's going to be okay now. [quietly into the phone] She came back. No, she's here now. Of course. No, I can manage that. I'll keep her here. Look, I'd better go. [turns to find Susan gone]

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