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Dr. Harris: I've had a rather hysterical call from Dr. George in anesthesiology. Dr. George is a powerful person here, not only because of his position. There are other reasons.
Dr. Wheeler: I gather.
Dr. Harris: What does that mean?
Dr. Wheeler: Just because he has a rich wife, he's able to throw his weight around.
Dr. Harris: You're looking for truth and justice.
Dr. Wheeler: I'm looking for fairness.
Dr. Harris: In fairness, you've challenged the professional competence of a chief of service at this hospital. And he didn't take it well. No reason he should. Now he's out for blood.
Dr. Wheeler: I've noticed.
Dr. Harris: Sue, believe me, I'm on your side for all kinds of reasons. I don't want to let another chief of service get one of my house officers fired.
Dr. Wheeler: Dr. Harris, I just wanted to look at his charts.
Dr. Harris: Sue, right now, I can protect you because you're good. And frankly, because you're a woman.
Dr. Wheeler: I don't want concessions.
Dr. Harris: At the moment, you'd better take any you can get.
Dr. Wheeler: You know what happened to Greenly?
Dr. Harris: Yes.
Dr. Wheeler: What happened?
Dr. Harris: She died.
Dr. Wheeler: How do you feel about that?
Dr. Harris: How do I feel? I feel...
Dr. Wheeler: She was my best friend. She understood me. She understood me. It's not fair. None of this is fair.
Dr. Harris: Here.
Dr. Wheeler: Nobody understands. No one.
Dr. Harris: I know, I know.
Secretary: [on the intercom] Dr. Harris, the secretary of HEW is on the phone from Washington.
Dr. Harris: Call back. Too many of us shut ourselves off from our feelings. We don't explore them. We don't understand them. We don't understand ourselves. It's the toughest thing about our profession.
Dr. Wheeler: Dr. Harris...
Dr. Harris: I'll take care of the politics. You just look out for yourself. Take the weekend off, Sue. Go walk on the beach. Get away from the hospital.
Dr. Wheeler: I'm so embarrassed by this.
Dr. Harris: Don't be. Don't be. Our emotions are what make us human.

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