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Dr. Bellows: Honey, come on.
Dr. Wheeler: Don't call me honey.
Dr. Bellows: I'm trying to tell you about my day. Something that happened.
Dr. Wheeler: Your days are always the same.
Dr. Bellows: What is that supposed to mean?
Dr. Wheeler: Just politics, that's all. Who said what to whom. Who's rising, who's falling. Who's made a good move, a bad move. Politics!
Dr. Bellows: Somebody has to be interested in hospital politics. You certainly are not.
Dr. Wheeler: I thought you were a surgical resident, not a political one.
Dr. Bellows: I like politics. They interest me. Just because you're always looking for...
Dr. Wheeler: You want me to heat up the dinner, is that it? I want some respect.
Dr. Bellows: Susan, come on. Don't leave again.
Dr. Wheeler: Why can't you share half the responsibility?
Dr. Bellows: I share more than half the responsibility!
Dr. Wheeler: No need to shout.
Dr. Bellows: Why are you running off? You think I want this? Let me tell you something. I make concessions for this so-called relationship.
Dr. Wheeler: I know it's hard on you politically.
Dr. Bellows: Susan, don't go.
Dr. Wheeler: You know what the trouble with you is? All you care about is being chief resident.
Dr. Bellows: You know what your trouble is? You don't want a relationship. Look at you. You run away from it.
Dr. Wheeler: This is ridiculous.
Dr. Bellows: You don't want a want a goddamn wife!
Dr. Wheeler: Bastard.

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