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Tom: [to Football players] Get my kids and meet me at the house. Ready? Break!
[The football players begin to catch the Baker kids, one by one, and Tom sees Sarah in the bounce house]
Tom: Sarah Baker! Off now!
Sarah: No way!
Tom: Don't make me come up there!
[Sarah becomes shocked about her father trying to catch her in the bounce house and Tom goes into the bounce house to catch her, but ends up failing to catch her and the football players knock someone with an air tank and the air tank presses on the bounce house, causing it to over-inflate. Tom realizes the bounce house is about to explode]
Person in the bounce house: Oh, my God! It's gonna blow!
[The bounce house explodes as Tom, Sarah and the other people are launched into the air. The football players catch Sarah and the other kids. Dylan sees Tom falling towards him and screams as Tom lands on him, offscreen. Cut to Dylan being carried on a gurney at the hospital, with a black eye, chipped tooth and broken arm]
Dylan: It was my best birthday ever, Coach.
Tina: [angrily] Your children are never playing with Dylan again!
Tom: Sorry about your arm, Dylan.
(As Tina and Dylan head to the Hospital room and leave Tom, Tom hears his cell phone and gets a call from Shake)
Tom: Hello, Shake.
Shake: Any idea what this could do to my program? Don't speak. Listen. I don't want the players at your house, and I don't want your kids in the department.
(Tom turns off his cell phone and becomes depressed and sees the Newspeople)
Newsman: There he is! Coach! Coach! How will this impact Saturday's game? Coach, what do you have to say to reports that you're simply spreading yourself too thin?

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