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Bram Stoker's Dracula (1992)

Bram Stoker's Dracula (1992) quotes

60 total quotes

Abraham Van Helsing
Count Dracula
Jonathan Harker
Lucy Westenra
Mina Murray

View Quote (VO) (watching Lucy flirt with many suitors at the party) Lucy is a pure and virtuous girl. But, I admit that her free way of speaking shocks me sometimes. Jonathan says it is a defect of the aristocracy that they say what they please. The truth is that I admire Lucy, and I'm not surprised that men flock around her. I wish I were as pretty and as adored as she.
View Quote Bride 1: [After Dracula confronts the Brides for seducing Harker] N-ai nimic pentru noi seară astă?
View Quote Bride 1: [When Mina and Van Helsing are camped outside of the castle] Sora nostră.
View Quote Bride 2: [When Mina and Van Helsing are camped outside of the castle] Și apoi venim noi!
View Quote Girl in carriage: Pentru că morții umblă repede.
View Quote Mina: [When utilizing Dracula's power to command the weather] Vînt, adu-mi un dor de ducǎ!
View Quote R.M. Renfield: Master! Master! You promised me eternal life, but you give it to the pretty woman! Doctor Jack! I'm no lunatic man! I'm a sane man fighting for his soul!
View Quote R.M. Renfield: Sângele este viața!
View Quote Dracula: You think you can destroy me with your idols? I who served the Cross, I who commanded nations, hundreds of years before you were born?!
Van Helsing: Your armies were defeated! You tortured and impaled thousands of people!
Dracula: I was betrayed. Look what your God has done to me!
Van Helsing: No! Your war with God is over, you must pay for your crimes!
View Quote Dracula: You will, I trust, excuse me if I do not join you. But, I have already dined, and I never drink... wine.
Jonathan Harker: (looks at painting on the wall) An ancestor? I see a resemblance.
Dracula: The Order of the Dracul, the Dragon. An ancient society, pledging my forefathers to defend the church against all enemies of Christ. Their relationship was not entirely... successful.
Jonathan Harker: Oh. (chuckles) Yes.
Dracula: (howls with anger as he draws a sword, holding it at Harker's throat) It is no laughing matter! We Draculs have a right to be proud! What devil or witch was ever so great as Attila, whose blood flows in these veins?! Blood... (laughs a bit) is too precious a thing in these times. The warlike days are over. The victories of my great race are but a tale to be told. (tosses the sword on the table) I am the last of my kind.
Jonathan Harker: (standing with a courtesy) I have offended you with my ignorance, Count. Forgive me.
View Quote Jack Seward: (about Lucy's illness) Those marks on her throat. No disease, no trituration, I'm sure the blood loss occurred there.
Van Helsing: Oh? Where did the blood go? You were once a careful student, Jack. Use your brain. Where did the blood go? Tell me.
Jack Seward: The bed clothes would be covered in blood...
Van Helsing: Exactly. You do not let your eyes see nor your ears hear that which you cannot account for.
Jack Seward: Something just went up there, sucked it out of her, and flew away, I suppose? (Quincey chuckles)
Van Helsing: Ja. Why not?
Arthur Holmwood: (irritated) That's brilliant. That's absolutely brilliant. Will one of you learned doctors, or whatever you are, kindly tell me what is going on with my Lucy?
Van Helsing: Jack, you are a scientist! You do not think that there are things in this universe which you cannot understand and which are true: mesmerism, hypnotism...
Jack Seward: (turning away) You and Charcot have proved hypnotism! (turns back, only to find that Van Helsing has vanished)
Van Helsing's voice: ...telekinesis, materialization, astral bodies...
Jack Seward: Professor?
Arthur Holmwood: Where the hell did he go?
Van Helsing: (steps out from behind a nearby obelisk) See?
Jack Seward: I feel like a blundering novice.
View Quote Mina: Doctor?
Van Helsing: Ja?
Mina: How did Lucy die? Was she in great pain?
Van Helsing: Ja, she was in great pain; then we cut off her head and drove a stake through her heart and burned it, and then she found peace.
Jonathan Harker: (choking into his wine) Doctor! Please!
View Quote Mina: I want to be what you are, see what you see, love what you love.
Dracula: Mina, to walk with me you must die to your breathing life, and be reborn to mine.
Mina: You are my love... and my life, always.
Dracula: Then, I give you life eternal. Everlasting love. The power of the storm, and the beasts of the earth. Walk with me to be my loving wife, forever.
View Quote Quincey Morris: And may I say that Miss Lucy is hotter than a June bride riding bareback buck naked in the middle of the Sahara!
Arthur Holmwood: I would watch my colonial tongue if I were you.
View Quote Van Helsing: Guard her well, Mr. Morris! Do not fail here tonight! We are dealing with forces beyond all human experience, and enormous power. So guard her well, otherwise your precious Lucy will become a bitch of the Devil! A whore of darkness!
Quincey Morris: (pushes him away in disgust) Well, you're a sick old buzzard!
Van Helsing: Hear me out, young man. Lucy is not a random victim, attacked by mere accident. You understand, no? She is a willing recruit, a breathless follower, a wanton follower - I dare say, a devoted disciple! She is the Devil's concubine!