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Blade quotes

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Deacon Frost
Dr. Karen Jenson

View Quote (Last Words) Nice shot.
View Quote Blade: FROST!
Frost: Kill him.
Quinn: Wait! I owe you, man. I got two new hands, Blade, and I don't know which one to use to kill you with!
[Quinn runs to Blade, who decapitates him]
View Quote Blade: I'm not human.
Dr. Karen Jenson: You look human to me.
Blade: Humans don't drink blood.
Dr. Karen Jenson: You know, maybe you could think about letting it go? Try to be like everyone else.
Blade: I have spent my entire life searching for that thing that killed my mother, and made me what I am. And every time I take one of those monsters out, I get a little piece of that life back. So don't you talk to me about forgetting.
View Quote Blade: OK, Vampire Anatomy 101, crosses and holy water don't do dick so forget what you've seen in the movies. You use a stake, silver or sunlight. You know how to use one of these? [hands her a gun]
Dr. Karen Jenson: No, but I'll damn sure learn quick.
Blade: Safety's off, round's already chambered. Silver hollowpoint filled with garlic. You aim for the head or the heart. Anything else, is your ass...
View Quote Blade: There are worse things out tonight than vampires.
Dr. Karen Jenson: Like what?
Blade: Like me.
View Quote Dr. Karen Jenson: I need to get back to the lab if I'm going to cure you.
Blade: It's not over. You keep your cure. There's still a war going on and I've got a job to do. You want to help, make me a better serum.
View Quote Dr. Karen Jenson: What's that smell?
Pearl: [Distantly]...image carefully, Frost. You will need 12 purebloods to make the ritual work. [Realizes that someone is in the room] Kreiger, is that you? [Blade reveals himself] He's here! He's here!
Blade: This must be Pearl, the record keeper.
[Pearl lets out a rather disgusting fart]
Pearl: He's gonna kill me! You need me, Frost! You need me!
Frost: Pearl, you're history. Have the good grace to die with some ****ing dignity.
Pearl: Frost. [Blade twists the laptop Frost is communicating through] Ruthless bloodsucker.
Frost: Congratulations, Blade.
Blade: Frost.
Frost: I hear you've been looking for me. I'm flattered.
Blade: It'll pass.
[Frost turns off the laptop]
Frost: ****.
View Quote Dr. Karen Jenson: Isn't this just a little high-tech?
Blade: They've got their claws into everything - politics, finance, real estate. They already own half of downtown.
View Quote Dr. Karen Jenson: Oh, great. Now you're robbing him. You gonna rob me, too?
Blade: How do you think we fund this organization? We're not exactly the March of Dimes.
View Quote Dr. Karen Jenson: So what do you use? Stakes? Crosses?
Whistler: Crosses don't do squat.
View Quote Dr. Karen Jenson: Wait! I'm coming with you.
Blade: You're useless.
View Quote Dr. Karen Jenson: Why do you hunt them?
Whistler: I had a family once - wife, two daughters. Then a drifter came callin' one evenin'. A vampire. He toyed with them first. Tried to make me decide what order they'd die in.
View Quote Dr. Karen Jenson: You have a lot of love for him, don't you?
Blade: We have a good arrangement. He makes the weapons. I use them.
View Quote Dr. Karen Jenson: You used me as bait?
Blade: Get over it.
View Quote Dr. Karen Jenson: You're one of them, aren't you?
Blade: No, I'm something else.