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Dracula/Drake quotes

View Quote There is an old saying: Kill one man, you're a murderer. Kill a million, a king. Kill them all, a god.
View Quote Blade. Ready to die?
View Quote Mother****er. I like that.
View Quote [To Blade in his true form] Are you ready to die, mother****er?
View Quote [Last words] Funny, isn't it? My people were trying to create a new kind of vampire when one already exists. I don't need to survive. The future of our race rests with you. You fought with honor. I respect that. So, allow me a parting gift. But know this: sooner, or later, the thirst always wins.
View Quote Dr. Edgar Vance: How about the president? You know who that is. Who's in the White House right now?
Blade: An asshole.
View Quote Hannibal King: We call ourselves the Nightstalkers.
Blade: Sounds like rejects from a Saturday morning cartoon.
Hannibal King: Well, we were originally going to go with the Care Bears but, that was taken.
View Quote Dracula: [Holding a baby over the edge of a tall building] Careful, Daywalker. They've told me so much about you.
Blade: Why'd you kill Vance?
Dracula: He'd outlived his purpose. He died a good death. Quick. Clean.
Blade: I wouldn't know.
Dracula: You will.
Blade: How are you able to survive in sunlight?
Dracula: Haven't you heard? I am the first. I am unique.
View Quote Dracula: Look at them. Scurrying around like insects. They don't know what it's like to be immortal, or living by the sword.
Blade: You're not immortal. I must have heard hundreds of you rodents make the same claim. Each one of them has tasted the end of my sword.
Dracula: Perhaps I will too, then, but I think it is more likely the next time we meet, you'll fall before mine.
View Quote Hannibal King: Did you see that guy? We're gonna lose, man! [Abigail takes the stake from his shoulder] God! We're going to ****ing lose! What did the one lesbian vampire say to the other?
Abigail: Shut up, king.
Hannibal King: See you in 28 days. [Laughs. Abigail holds out a vial] Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. What is that?
Abigail Whistler: It's an elastic protein. It's going to stop the hemmoraging.
Hannibal King: Is it going to hurt?
Abigail Whistler: Yeah, it's going to sting a little.
[Abigail sprays a thick, white substance onto the wound]
Hannibal King: **** ME!! [Screams]

View Quote Blade: Now, what's behind Door Number One?
Chief Martin Vreede:I can't tell you. They-they'll kill me.
Blade: Kill you? Mother****er, I'll kill you. I'll just enjoy it better.
View Quote [A Pomeranian is licking King's ear]
Hannibal King: Back off, pooch.
[The dog exposes its Reaper-like jaws and tongue]
Hannibal King: [Stands] Jesus Christ! What the ****?!
Asher Talos: [Picks up the dog] Good dog.
Hannibal King: WHAT THE ****?!
Asher Talos: His name's Pac-Man. We've been porting the vampire gene into other species. Experimenting.
Hannibal King: You made a goddamn vampire... Pomeranian?
Asher Talos: Yeah. [Hands Pac-Man to Jarko Grimwood]
Jarko Grimwood: Precious, isn't he?
Hannibal King: Well, that depends who you ask because clearly, this dog has a bigger dick than you.
Jarko Grimwood: And when the **** did you see my dick, ****-Face?! [Kicks King]
Hannibal King: Ow! I was talking to HER! [Points to Danica Talos]
Danica Talos: Poor King. You look so... DISTRAUGHT! [Kicks him] Asher, hand me that chair. [Sits in the chair and licks one of King's wounds.] You're tasting a little bland, lover. Are you getting enough fatty acids in your diet? Have you tried... Lake Trout? Mackerel?
Hannibal King: How about you take a sugar-frosted ****... off the end of my dick?
Danica Talos: And how about everyone not saying the word "dick" anymore? It provokes my envy. Tell us about Blade, King. What's this weapon he's planning?
Hannibal King: I can tell you two things. One, your hairdo is... ridiculous. And two, I ate a lot of garlic, and I just farted. Silent but deadly.
Jarko Grimwood: [Grabs King] Spit it out, you ****ing fruitcake!
Hannibal King: All right! ****! I'll tell you about the weapon! [Grimwood releases him] It's a new flavor-crystal formula. Twice the choclaty goodness, half the calories, plus it helps prevent tooth decay. There, I said it.
View Quote Hannibal King: You're gonna be sorry you did that.
Asher Talos: Why? [Kicks him] No one's coming for you, King-shit.
Hannibal King: Sure they are. See, when you join our club, you get all these groovy little door prizes. And one of them is this nifty little tracking node surgically implanted in your body. That way, if one of us goes missing, the others check the satelite, which is in space... and presto. Instant cavalry. [Asher starts mockingly clapping] You like that? Go **** your sister.
Jarko Grimwood: Yeah. [Hits King in the back of the head]
Danica Talos: Okay, King. Where's this little "tracking node" of yours?
Hannibal King: It's in my right ass cheek. [Danica slaps him] Fine. It's in my left ass cheek. [Danica slaps him] Okay, seriously, now. It's in the meat of my butt just below the Hello Kitty tattoo. [Danica kicks him in the groin] Seriously, just pull down my tightie-whities and see for yourself.
Danica Talos: Enough! It's not funny anymore.
Hannibal King: No, it's not you horse-humping BITCH! But it will be a few seconds from now. See that tickle that you're feeling in the back of your throat right now? It's atomized collital silver. It's being pumped through the buildings air conditioning systems you ****-juggling THUNDER****!! [Jarko Grimwood coughs a fire ball] Which means the fat lady... should be singing... right... about... NOW! [Nothing happens] This is awkward. [Still nothing] Do you have a cell phone?
View Quote Jarko Grimmwood: Hey, dickface. You seen my dog?
Hannibal King: Have you tried the lobby? [Grimmwood grabs him by the throat] Thank you. [Grimmwood throws him against a wall] ****...
Jarko Grimmwood: Come on, King.
Hannibal King: ...this.
View Quote Dracula: Blade. Ready to die?
Blade: [Unsheathes his sword] Was born ready, mother****er.
Dracula: Mother****er. I like that.
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