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Mike: Intimidating, isn't it?...You have any idea the people who have walked on these boards...Before you? Geraldine Page, Helen Hayes, Jason Robards, Marlon Brando and now...Riggan Thomson.
Riggan: (Chuckling) Yeah. Hey, Thanks for coming in on such short notice, Mike. I Really appreciate it.
Mike: This is what I do. You wrote this adaptation?
Riggan: I did, yeah.
Mike: And you're directing and starring in your adaptation?
Riggan: I am, yeah.
Mike: That's ambitious.
Riggan: Well, Thanks.
Mike: Well, it's a good theater. I can't speak for your play, but let's,uh, let's do a little bit of it, yeah?
Riggan: Oh, I didn't expect you to come in and, you know, just jump right in.
Mike: It's first preview tomorrow night, man. Let's get to work.
Riggan: Okay, Well, you know, look, you know, feel free to take the script up until you feel comfortable.
Mike: No, no, no, no let's just...let's just do some of it.
Riggan: All Right. Okay, uh, hey, take a look at page 20.
Mike: I'm good; I don't need that.
Riggan: What?
Mike: I don't need the script, Just give me a cue.
Riggan: What are you talking about?
Mike: Feed me a line.
Riggan: Well, how-how are you gonna
Mike: Feed me a line.
Riggan: Okay, All Right. Okay,uh, let me think. Uh, Yeah, Uh.."Hey I'm the wrong person to ask, okay? I didn't actually know the man. I only heard his name mentioned in passing.
Mike: Mm-hmm.
Riggan: I don't know. You'd have to know the particulars, but I think what you're saying is love is absolute.
Mike: Is that what I'm saying? Am I saying love is absolute?...Yes. Okay, yeah. "The kind of love that I'm talking about is absolute.The kinda love that I'm talking about you don't try to kill people."
Riggan: How do you know the lines?
Mike: It's a thing I have, I don't know, it's a gift.
Riggan: Wow, okay, well that's...
Mike: (Chuckles) Oh, come on, man. I've been...I've been helping Lesley get off book for like a month.
Riggan: Oh, right, right.
Mike: These line are...(Points to his head)
Riggan: That makes sense.
Mike: That's good, Give me that cue again.
Riggan: Okay, Okay, "Hey, I'm the wrong person to ask. I didn't actually know the man. I've heard his name mentioned in passing, but, you know, I didn't know. You'd have to know the particulars. I think what your saying though is that...
Mike: Can I make a suggestion?
Riggan: Yeah, Yeah, Yeah Sure.
Mike: I mean, do you mind?
Riggan: No, no, no, not at all. Not at all.
Mike: Oh, okay.
Riggan: Take a look.
Mike: No, no, for-forget that (Referring to the script)
Riggan: Okay.
Mike: Just...Stay with me.
Riggan: Yeah.
Mike: I'm the wrong person to ask,"he says,
Riggan: Right.
Mike: But what is that?...What's the intention in that?
Riggan: I think...
Mike: Is he fed up with the subject, so he's changing it? Is he deflecting guilt over the marriage? And here's the thing, you've got four lines after that...
Riggan: Right.
Mike: ...that all say the samething. "I didn't even know the man." "I only heard his name mentioned in passing." "I wouldn't know." "You'd have to know the particulars."...And the particulars, I mean, it sounds like my grandmother, but-But the point don't know the guy...
Riggan: Right.
Mike: ...We ****ing get it...
Riggan: Yeah.
Mike: ...Make it work with one line. "I didn't even know the man."...Right?
Riggan: Right...Wait, how do...You know my lines, too, huh?
Mike: Can we not get hung up on knowing lines?
Riggan: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Mike: Can we just work on this...
Riggan: Yeah, yeah, right, right.
Mike: Tear it apart, whatever? So why don't you just give me that samething again but cut it down.
Riggan: Uh-huh.
Mike: Try it.
Riggan: Okay.
Mike: Just try it.
Riggan: Uh..."Hey, I'm the wrong person to ask. I didn't actually know the guy."
Mike: OH!NO! But that's the thing, see? "I'm the wrong person to ask." What is it?...I think it's "**** you." **** you. Don't put me on the spot, man. Don't make me feel self-conscious about my marriage while my wife is sitting...(pointing to table seats)
Riggan: Right there
Mike: ...Right there.
Riggan: Yeah.
Mike: Can I sit down?
Riggan: Yeah, sit, sit. Good idea
Mike: Okay. Thanks.
Riggan: Yeah.
Mike: So just give it to me as a "**** you."
Riggan: Alright.
Mike: Try it, lay it on me.
Riggan: Well, I'm thinking...
Mike: Let's just do it.
Riggan: Yeah.
Mike: Give it to me. **** me hard.
Riggan: Right.
Mike: Just give it...
Riggan: Okay.
Mike: COME ON! DON'T TALK ABOUT IT! JUST ****ING DO IT (Slams hands on table)
Mike: What's my point?
Mike: Oh! Oh!
Riggan: YOU'RE SAYING WHAT? What are you saying? You're saying love is absolute.
Mike: YES! YES! THE KIND OF LOVE THAT I'M TALKING ABOUT, IT IS ABSOLUTE! THE KIND OF LOVE THAT I'M TALKING don't (Slams his hand on the table and Fains crying)...You don't try to kill people.
Riggan: ...Yeah. Good.
Mike: I don't know what do you think Boss? You want to do this...with me?
Riggan: Wow. Okay. (Point's to Sam) What do you think?
Sam: Everybody's back. Larry needs to see him for a fitting.
Mike: I'll take that as a yes.

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