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View Quote Woman in Crowd: It's Abraham Lincoln! May I have your autograph, Mr. Lincoln? I'm a big fan.
View Quote Gina Piccolapupula: Snowball's a clown, Mace, clowns aren't funny.
View Quote Vance the Pig: So how was lunch?
Pee-wee Herman: Fine, let's go get something to eat.
View Quote Pee-wee Herman: [shouting] All I wanted was a measly sandwich. I very nicely explained that I was starving. I'm starving. Please.
Mr. Ryan: [angrily] Sorry, ladies, I guess you'll just have to wait. You remember, nobody is as important in this community as Pee-wee Herman. All you other shoppers will just have to play second fiddle to Pee-wee. I guess that's just the way things are around here. My whole purpose in life is to serve Pee-wee Herman. Everything else comes second. Here's your sandwich. Is there anything else I can do for you, Pee-wee?
Pee-wee Herman: Well, I would like to have a pickle if it's not too much trouble.
Mr. Ryan: Oh, no trouble at all, Pee-wee. Sorry, Otis. Sorry, Deke. [opens a barrel, knocking over their chess board] Game's over. Pee-wee Herman wants a pickle. Here, here's you darn pickle. Are you happy now?
Pee-wee Herman: Mmm-hmm.
View Quote Winnie Johnston: [witnessing Pee-wee and Gina sharing a long kiss] Pee-wee! [throws the egg sandwiches in the waterfall and takes off]
Gina Piccolapupula: Who is that?
Pee-wee Herman: Her? Oh, she's my fiancee.
[Gina slaps Pee-wee and takes off]
View Quote Paolo Piccolapupula: I'm Paolo.
Giancarlo Piccolapupula: I'm Giancarlo.
Dino Piccolapupula: I'm Dino
Antonio Piccolapupula: I'm Antonio.
View Quote Vance the Pig: We do not want to end up with a low potassium level.
Pee-wee Herman: Duh, Vance! You'd think I never went to agricultural junior college!
View Quote [School children are staring at Pee-wee and Winnie]
Pee-wee Herman: Why don't you take a picture? It'll last long!
[School children whip out cameras, flashbulbs go off]
Pee-wee Herman: Ahh! Paparazzi! [poses suggestively]
Winnie Johnston: Oh, Pee-wee, really. Now, children, Mr. Herman and I would like to have a quiet lunch. Why don't you go play with Vance?
View Quote Andy: You okay, boss?
Mace Montana: Well, my chin's banged up pretty bad... I think my ribs are broken... and it feels like I punctured a major organ, Andy... but I'm circus.
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