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The Awful Truth

The Awful Truth quotes

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Daniel Leeson
Jerry Warriner
Lola Warriner
Lucy Warriner

View Quote [to Daniel] Take good care of her. Maybe you'll succeed where I failed. And I'm sure that the three of you will be very happy out where the West begins. If you ever think of me, send me a postcard. Just say, 'Having a wonderful time!' I'll understand.
View Quote [to Jerry, about Barbara] Tell her I'd love to meet her. Tell her to wear boxing gloves.
View Quote [to Lucy] I certainly acted like a prized lunatic and I'm sorry...Nothing except the most ridiculous and sickening exhibition mortal man ever made of himself. Oh, I don't know why I act like that....The main idea is, do you accept my apology? Aside from making a blue-ribbon sap of myself today, I must have embarrassed you beyond words. You took it fine, though.
View Quote [to Lucy] You make me the happiest man in the world! I'm so happy I could eat three steaks.
View Quote [to Mrs. Leeson] Well, I guess a man's best friend is his mother. I certainly learned about women from you.
View Quote [to Mrs. Vance, about Jerry] We call him Jerry the Nipper. He likes to sneak 'em when nobody's looking. So cute about it too. I've seen him go along a whole evening and apparently not have a thing to drink and all of a sudden fall flat on his puss.
View Quote And then somehow, all of a sudden, the three of us were having lunch together. The man, and Mr. Smith [their dog], and I. And then things began to happen rather swiftly. And finally I said, well I think we'd better get married. And we did. And that way, we were able to give Mr. Smith a better home and live happily ever after. Until now.
View Quote I was working my head off at the Virginia Club but the minute he started doing better, you know what I mean, why he made me give up my job and, uhm, take a trip to London and Paris and uh, I think that was pretty swell, don't you? was a little act, kind of uh, well, it's a little hard to explain.
View Quote I wish Lucy would go out and get some fun for herself now and again. It would do her good. That's the trouble with most marriages today. People are always imagining things. The road to Reno is paved with suspicions. And the first thing you know, they all end up in a divorce court.
View Quote I've gotta get a deep Florida tan if it takes all afternoon...All aboard for Miami, Palm Beach and points south.
View Quote Jerry's always had the most fantastic way of getting into scrapes. Oh, we've had some grand laughs together. [about Daniel] I can't marry him because I'm still in love with that crazy lunatic and there's nothing I can do about it...I tried to forget Jerry.
View Quote Just to prove that you're not mad, will ya give me a little kiss?...If you knew how crazy I am about ya, you wouldn't hesitate. I can't sleep nights...I must be in love, 'cause I started writin' poetry to ya.
To you my little prairie flower,
I'm thinkin' of you every hour.
Though now you're just a friend to me,
I wonder what the end will be.
Oh, you would make my life divine,
If you would change your name to mine.
View Quote Oh, I've heard everything. I'm going out to get some popcorn and pink lemonade. I've just seen a three-ring circus.
View Quote Perhaps our marriage doesn't mean anything to you?...Perhaps you have no sentiment left for me.
View Quote Put a light in the window if it's yes, two if it's no, and if you can't make up your minds, just pull down the shade.