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Avengers, The (2012)

Avengers, The (2012) quotes

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View Quote Fury: We have no quarrel with your people.
Loki: An ant has no quarrel with a boot.
Fury: You plannin' to step on us?
Loki: I come with glad tidings, of a world made free.
Fury: Free from what?
Loki: Freedom. Freedom is life's great lie. Once you accept that, in your heart– [puts Eric Selvig under his control] you will know peace.
Fury: Yeah, you say "peace." I kinda think you mean the other thing.
View Quote Iron Man: Call it, Captain.
Captain America: Alright, listen up. Until we can close that portal, our priority is containment. Barton, I want you on that roof, eyes on everything. Call out patterns and strays. Stark, you got the perimeter. Anything gets more than three blocks out, you turn it back, or you turn it to ash.
Hawkeye [To Iron Man] Can you give me a lift?
Iron Man: Right. Better clench up, Legolas. [Flies Barton to the indicated rooftop]
Captain America: Thor, you gotta try and bottleneck that portal. Slow 'em down. You got the lightning. Light the bas**** up. [Thor flies off on Mjölnir. Captain America continues speaking to Widow.] You and me, we stay here on the ground, keep the fighting here. And Hulk?
[Hulk turns to Captain America.]
Captain America: [Points to Chitauri] Smash.
[Hulk grins and leaps into battle.]
View Quote Loki: ENOUGH! You are, all of you, beneath me! I am a god, you dull creature, and I will not be bullied by–
[Hulk grabs Loki and slams him into the floor five times like a rag doll, then leaves him lying face-up in the resulting crater.]
[As Hulk stomps off looking smug. Loki groans in pain.]
View Quote Loki: [Teleporting to the front of a fleeing crowd] Kneel before me! [The crowd flees the other way; Loki teleports in that direction] I said... KNEEL!!! [Slams the staff on the ground, releasing a thunderous shockwave that scares the crowd into submission] Is not this simpler? Is this not your natural state? It is the unspoken truth of humanity that you crave subjugation. The bright lure of freedom diminishes your life's joy in a mad scramble for power. For identity. You were made to be ruled. In the end, you will always kneel.
Old German Man: [Stands up] Not to men like you.
Loki: [With a smug smirk] There are no men like me.
Old German Man: There are always men like you.
Loki: Look to your elder, people. LET HIM BE AN EXAMPLE! [fires a blast from his scepter at the old man, only to have Captain America jump in and deflect it back with his shield, knocking Loki down]
Captain America: Ya know, the last time I was in Germany and saw a man standing above everybody else, we ended up disagreeing.
View Quote Loki: How desperate are you, that you call on such lost creatures to defend you?
Fury: How desperate am I? You threaten my world with war, you steal a force you can't hope to control, you talk about peace, and you kill 'cause it's fun. You have made me VERY desperate. You might not be glad that you did.
Loki: Ooh. It burns you to come so close. To have the Tesseract, to have power, unlimited power, and for what? A warm light for all mankind to share. And then to be reminded what "real power" is.
Fury: Well, lemme know if "real power" wants a magazine or somethin'.
View Quote Loki: Please tell me you're going to appeal to my humanity.
Tony: Uh, actually, I'm planning to threaten you.
Loki: You should have left your armor on for that.
Tony: Yeah. It's seen a bit of mileage and you got the, uh, Glow Stick of Destiny. Would you like a drink?
Loki: Stalling me won't change anything.
Tony: No, no, no. Threatening. No drink? You sure? I'm having one. [Pours a glass of whisky]
Loki: The Chitauri are coming. Nothing will change that. What have I to fear?
Tony: The Avengers. [Loki looks confused] It's what we call ourselves. Sorta like a team. "Earth's Mightiest Heroes" type of thing.
Loki: Yes. I've met them.
Tony: Yeah. Takes us a while to get any traction, I'll give you that one. But let's do a head count here. Your brother, a demigod; a super soldier, a living legend who kind of lives up to the legend; a man with breathtaking anger management issues; a couple of master assassins, and you, big fella – you've managed to piss off every single one of them.
Loki: That was the plan.
Tony: Not a great plan. When they come – and they will– they'll come for you.
Loki: I have an army.
Tony: We have a Hulk.
Loki: I thought the beast had wandered off.
Tony: You're missing the point. There's no throne, okay? There is no version of this where you come out on top. Now maybe your army comes, and maybe it's too much for us, but it's all on you. Because if we can't protect the Earth, you can be damn well sure we'll avenge it.
Loki: How will your friends have time for me– when they're so busy fighting you?
[Loki attempts to use his Sceptor on Tony, but it clinks harmlessly on the arc reactor in Tony's chest.]
Loki: [Confused] This usually works.
Tony: Well, performance issues. It's not uncommon. One out of five– [Loki grabs him by the throat and throws him across the room] JARVIS, any time now!
Loki: [Grabs Tony by the throat] You will all fall before me!
Tony: JARVIS! Deploy! Deploy!
[Loki throws Tony out of the window, but his Mark VII armor reaches him and attaches itself to him before he hits the ground; he flies back to the penthouse.]
Tony: And there's one other person you pissed off! His name was Phil. [Blasts Loki]
View Quote Malick: This is out of line, Director. You're dealing with forces you can't control.
Fury: You ever been in a war, Councilman? In a firefight? Did you feel an overabundance of control?
Malick: You're saying that this Asgard is declaring war on our planet?
Fury: Not Asgard. Loki.
Hawley: He can't be working alone. What about the other one? His brother?
Fury: Our intelligence says Thor is not a hostile. But he's worlds away. We can't depend on him to help, either. It's up to us.
Malick: Which is why you should be focusing on Phase 2. It was designed for exactly this.
Fury: Phase 2 isn't ready. Our enemy is. We need a response team.
Malick: The Avengers Initiative was shut down.
Fury: This isn't about the Avengers.
Malick: We've seen the list. You run the world's greatest covert security network and you're gonna leave the fate of the human race to a handful of freaks?
Fury: I'm not leaving anything to anyone. We need a response team. These people may be isolated, unbalanced even, but I believe with the right push, they can be exactly what we need.
Hawley: You believe?
Malick: War isn't won by sentiment, Director.
Fury: No. It's won by soldiers.
View Quote Malick: Where are the Avengers?
Fury: I'm not currently tracking their whereabouts. I'd say they've earned a leave of absence.
World Security Council: And the Tesseract?
Fury: The Tessaract is where it belongs. Out of our reach.
Malick: That's not your call, Director.
Fury: I didn't make it. I just didn't argue with the god that did.
Malick: So you've let him take it, and the war criminal Loki, who should be answering for his crimes?
Fury: Oh, I think he will be.
World Security Council: I don't think you understand what you've started, letting the Avengers loose on this world. They're dangerous.
Fury: They sure are. And the world knows it. Every world knows it.
Malick: Was that the point of all this? A statement?
Fury: A promise.
View Quote Thor: You speak of control, yet you court chaos.
Banner: That's his MO, isn't it? I mean, what are we, a team? No, no, no. We're a chemical mixture that makes chaos. We're– we're a time-bomb.
Fury: You need to step away.
Tony: Why shouldn't the man let off a little steam?
Rogers: You know damn well why! Back off!
Tony: I'm startin' to want you to make me.
Rogers: Yeah. Big man in a suit of armor. Take that away, what are you?
Tony: Uhh, genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist. [Natasha shrugs condescendingly, but concedes Stark's point]
Rogers: I know guys with none of that worth ten of you. I've seen the footage. The only thing you really fight for is yourself. You're not the guy to make the sacrifice play, to lay down on a wire and let the other guy crawl over you.
Tony: I think I'd just cut the wire.
Rogers: Always a way out. You know, you may not be a threat, but you'd better stop pretending to be a hero.
Tony: A hero? Like you? You're a lab experiment, Rogers. Everything special about you came out of a bottle.
Rogers: [Enraged] Put on the suit. Let's go a few rounds.
View Quote [after Stark Tower is rendered operational, Tony and Pepper are having a private celebration, when Tony's smartphone rings]
J.A.R.V.I.S.: Sir, the telephone. I'm afraid my protocols are being overridden.
Tony: Uh–
Coulson: [Over the phone] Mr. Stark, we need to talk.
Tony: [Picks up the phone] You have reached the Life-Model Decoy of Tony Stark. Please leave a message.
Coulson: [Over the phone] This is urgent.
Tony: Then leave it urgently. [The elevator nearby opens, and Coulson is in it] Security breach. [To Pepper] That's on you.
Coulson: Mr. Stark?
Pepper: Phil! Come in.
Tony: "Phil"?
Coulson: I can't stay.
Tony: Uh, his first name is "Agent".
Pepper: Come in, we're celebrating.
Tony: Which is why he can't stay.
Coulson: We need you to look this over, as soon as possible. [hands a laptop to Tony]
Tony: I don't like being handed things–
Pepper: That's fine, 'cause I love to be handed things, so let's trade. [takes the laptop from Coulson's hand while giving him her champagne glass; she then gives the laptop to Tony while taking his glass] Thank you.
Tony: Official consulting hours are between 8 and 5, every other Thursday...
Coulson: This isn't a consultation.
Pepper: Is this about the Avengers? [Coulson looks at her]...Which I know nothing about?
Tony: The Avengers Initiative was scrapped, I thought. And I didn't even qualify.
Pepper: I didn't know that either.
Tony: Yeah, apparently I'm volatile, self-obsessed, and don't play well with others.
Pepper: That, I did know.
View Quote [Iron Man confronts Thor]
Thor: Do not touch me AGAIN.
Iron Man: Then don't take my stuff!
Thor: You have no idea what you are dealing with.
Iron Man: Uh.... Shakespeare in the Park? Doth Mother know you wear-eth her drapes?
Thor: This is beyond you, metal man. Loki will face Asgardian justice!
Iron Man: He gives up the Cube, he's all yours! Until then? [His mask comes down] Stay outta the way. [Under his breath] Tourist.
View Quote [Last lines; the Avengers have parted ways…for now]
Hill: Sir, how does it work now? They've gone their separate ways, some– pretty extremely far. We get into a situation like this again, what happens then?
Fury: They'll come back.
Hill: You really sure about that?
Fury: I am.
Hill: Why?
Fury: Because we'll need them to.