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At First Sight

At First Sight quotes

26 total quotes

Amy Benic
Jennie Adamson
Phil Webster
Virgil Adamson

View Quote Amy: You always make the girls cry.
Virgil: Not since grade school.
View Quote Ethan: Are you blind?
Virgil: Yeah.
Ethan: Cool, see ya.
View Quote Virgil: Eyes, mouth, chin, are very beautiful.
Amy: Thank-you. So are you - more than I could describe.
View Quote Virgil: I can't sleep - I'm afraid if I close my eyes...
Amy: It'll be black when you open them again.
View Quote Virgil: It's the craziest thing. You start back over there - focus on a building. And when you walk towards it - it changes - each step makes it look different. I started out just looking for the horizon.
Amy: You can't see it from here - too many buildings.
Virgil: But it's still there - even though you can't see it - right? You gotta have faith it's there. Things exist beyond what I can see - I just have to take it on faith.
View Quote Virgil: When I was blind - I had an image of what everything was, up here...[points to his head] now - it's all different - not at all what I'd expected - not what I'd hoped for.
Webster: Virgil, let me explain something here. When you were blind - you dealt with things one at a time - sequentially right? A wall led to a door to a tree to a car. That's how you got to what you wanted - right. Seeing people - for better or worse - deal with everything all at once - taking in the whole picture - which sometimes confuses the hell out of what they want. Virgil, my advice after three beers - don't be afraid to take in the whole picture - just don't lose sight of what you want.
View Quote Webster: Right - OK, Virgil - says here you went blind at one - before you developed a visual vocabulary. You have no sense of depth of field, no knowledge of space, shape, size or distance. Basically your eyes work but your brain hasn't learned to process the information. You are mentally blind. Neurologists call this "visual agnosia".
Virgil: I call it pretty screwed up.
Webster: Better term. I'll make a note of that.
View Quote Amy - when Virgil was very young, he couldn't see those close to him - so he never learned to reach out. Don't expect him to reach out when he's in pain, or confused, or unhappy. If you really care about him you have to just be there for him.
View Quote Amy. I want the chance to see. The chance to see Central Park, the Brooklyn Bridge, apples, raisins, a buffalo, a carburetor and the man in the moon. But I would give all that up - just to see this face.
View Quote Growing up blind - I had two dreams. One was to see. The other - to play for the New York Rangers. After the 'miracle' of my short period of sight - I realize - I'd rather play for the Rangers. It's not that it was so awful - I saw many things - some good, some back some that I'm already forgetting. But I realized that our eyes aren't what make us see. We only live in darkness when we don't look - look at what is genuine about ourselves - genuine about others - you don't need eyes for that.
View Quote Hope is like fire, it can keep you warm - or it can burn you.
View Quote I can tell he's sensing everything about me with a simple touch. He listens to my every word as if it's the only sound on the planet - I feel like even though he can't see me, he knows everything about me. He just moves me - does that sound crazy.
View Quote I feel like Rip Van Winkle. I've woken up from a thirty year sleep - and the world's passed me by.
View Quote I may not have been a lot of places - but I read about things, then make an image up here --(points to his head)--that works for me.
View Quote I saw the horizon. It's out there. And though I may not ever be able to touch it, it's worth reaching for.