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American Tail: Fievel Goes West, An

American Tail: Fievel Goes West, An quotes

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Cat R. Waul
T.R. Chula
Wylie Burp

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Tiger: Bark. [His barking echoes through the mine] Woof, woof! [Tiger listen to his barking echoes] Bow-wow-wow, woof, woof! [Laughs; but stops] Woof, woof, woof! RUFF!
[Tiger barks like a dog while singing along to the mine as Fievel and Wylie smile with delight that Tiger has finally gotten it and shake hands.]
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Wylie Burp: It's too tough, kid. Get out while you still can.
Tiger: Okay! Toodle-oo!
[Fievel grabs him by the tail]
Fievel: Hey, Tiger, give them the laaaaaaaaaaaaaaazy eye!
[Tiger smiles with Fievel's idea and he, Wylie Burp, and Fievel do the Lazy Eye sending the cats running and screaming]
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[After Tiger tosses all the cats onto the mousetrap he confronts Chula holding Miss Kitty hostage]
Tiger: If you harm one patch of fur on her again, and I'll tear you apart... [Chula shoots a web at Tiger, but Tiger grabs it.] leg at a time! [he twirls Chula's web as a lasso with him trapped in it, and he throws Chula onto Cat R. Waul's head and Miss Kitty falls from the building, but Tiger catches her just in time before she hits the ground.]
Miss Kitty: Ooh!
Tiger: Okay, Wylie!
Wylie Burp: Let 'em rip, kid!
Fievel: Yes, Sir, Mr. Burp, Sir! [adjusts the giant gun, jumps off, and it fires, cutting the ribbon which flings Cat R. Waul and his men into the sky. Fievel, Wylie Burp, Miss Kitty, Tiger, Red, Micheal, the Mousekewitzes, and the other mice watch as they land in a mail bag near the train tracks.]
Cat R. Waul: And now-- [before he can finish his sentence, a train grabs the mail bag, knocking over the water tower in the process.] REVENGE!
Woman: Oh, Pussypoos!
Cat R. Waul: Oh, no!
Woman: Come to Mommy, darling! [She dresses him up in baby clothes and hugs him tightly.] Mommy's going to take care of you forever, and ever and ever! [Laughs]
View Quote Cat R. Waul: [unimpressed by the opera singing mouse] Next. [pulls lever and opens a trap door on stage which the opera singing mouse falls into] Terrible! Terrible! Absolutely, positively appalling. I must have a voice to match the opulence of this salOON!
[Fievel has scrambled up behind Cat R. Waul with a fork and stabbed him in the butt, making him jump out of his clothes through the ceiling to an upper level saloon where a lady grabs him]
Lady at saloon: Oh, pussy, pussy, pussy, pussy! Pussy, pussy! Oh, pussy!
[He wriggles out, falls down the hole back into his clothes on the stage]
Cat R. Waul: Humans! Yeeuk! So shiny and... pleh! [to Chula] Right! I want the subversive who tried to asassinate me found.
T.R. Chula: I just love finding subversives! [Chula spits a spiderweb on Cat R. Waul's face, the same time Fievel gets his shirt caught on the needle of a record player] Hey, boss, what's a subversive?
Cat R. Waul: [pulls the spiderweb from his face] Someone who doesn't have very long to live. [Fievel tries to run and plays some music, which Cat R. Waul notices] Well, if it isn't my diminutive friend from the train.
Fievel: Cat R. Waul, I heard what you said about the Mouseburgers, and I'm gonna tell everyone. I'm gonna get Wylie Burp, 'cause he's the law.
Cat R. Waul: The Wylie Burp? [he and the saloon erupt in laughter] That quaint historical figure? [he picks Fievel up on a fork] Simply put, mouseling: I am the law here, and you're a mere hors d'oeuvre.
View Quote Cat R. Waul: Please, there's no need for such a bleak assessment of your situation. After all, what are neighbors for? A cup of sugar, a saucer of cream. A pail of water, perhaps.
T.R. Chula: Water? I'll give 'em water. [spitting]
Cat R. Waul: I'd like to share a vision. A vision of a better world. A world where cats and mice live and work side by side. A world where mothers raise their mouselings without fear. Where musicians receive their proper due. Where young mousettes fulfill their every, dream. Will you help this world?
[Various mice cheering]
View Quote Fievel: Maybe Tanya should sing again.
Tanya: Very funny. You'll see. Someday I'll be a big star! People will come from miles around.
Fievel: Yeah, to eat! [Laughs]
View Quote Miss Kitty: [watching as Cat R. Waul arrives] Well, well, will you look what the cat dragged in? [sees Tanya] A mouse. That's a first.
Cat R. Waul: Not just any mouse! This is a diva.
Miss Kitty: Diva schmiva! You put a mouse on the stage, and your saloon's gonna be as empty as Death Valley on a cold day in June when the snow don't fall.
Cat R. Waul: What? They'll love her! They'll adore her! And those who don't will answer to me.
Miss Kitty: Anything you say, Pussypoos.
Cat R. Waul: [resuming his dignified bearing] Yes, I have mentioned that I dislike being referred to as 'Pussypoos'.
Miss Kitty: Yeah? Well, maybe I'm not so happy about being dumped in nature's ashtray five hundred miles from a pastrami sandwich, either, Pussypoos.
Cat R. Waul: [irritated; not wanting to explode] Yes, I-I-I think I just mentioned, didn't I, that I dislike being referred to as PUSSYPOOS?!
Miss Kitty: As for the mousette, I'll get her on the stage for you.
Cat R. Waul: See that you do. [to Tanya] Farewell, my diva. [leaves in a Phantom of the Opera manner]
View Quote T.R. Chula: [laughing] I win again! Fathead!
One-Eye: I saw you're cheatin'. You've played your last hand, Chula.
T.R. Chula: I don't think so. [holds up loads of aces with his legs] I GOT SEVEN MORE! DOG-CHOW!
Felonius: Why you rotten, lowdown, double-dealin'...
One-Eye: I don't get it, boss. How come we're not munchin' those mice back there?
Frenchy: [French accent] Oui. This fraternity with mice does run counter to nature.
Cat R. Waul: Which would you rather have? The crouton, or the entire Caesar Salad? Of course, we will eat the mice, but only after we have exploited their labors. We are nice to the mice because it is intelligent to be so, see? If we act sweetly, they will come in droves. If we hiss, they will run, and we will have to chase after them, an unnecessary expenditure of calories.
One-Eye: So, when do we take the big bite, boss?
T.R. Chula: What do we get to eat them? WHEN, WHEN, WHEN, WHEN?!
Cat R. Waul: When my empire at Green River is complete, and when we have a better mousetrap.
Cat R. Waul: Yes! Mouseburgers, indeed! aid the digestion.
View Quote Tanya: Look, Mama! An actor. And a singer!
Mama: Tanya, stop that! You shouldn't stare at people less fortunate than yourself.
View Quote Tiger: [trying to stop Miss Kitty from leaving] Uh, can we have an espresso and talk this over, please? Please?
Miss Kitty: Listen, Tiger. You're an alley cat, born and bred!
Tiger: How true.
Miss Kitty: I got a ticket to sunshine, and I'm going west. I heard there's a town that, that promises a new frontier, and a brand new breed of cat!
Tiger: Is there anything wrong with my breed?
Miss Kitty: City cats got too much purr in their fur, not enough growl in their howl! Look at you. You catnap, cat around, and heck, I don't mean to be mean, but you're even a little bit of a fraidy-cat.
Tiger: Who told you that? Hey, I'm no fraidy-cat. I'll show you. I'll show them. I'm no "fraidy-cat".
Miss Kitty: Tiger, I don't want a tomcat, tough cat, or even a tough tabby, I just want...How do I say this? I just want a cat...who's more like a dog. [sees her stagecoach] That's my ride out west. Now show me you're tough, and don't make a big fuss when I leave, 'kay?
Tiger: You don't mean...this is goodbye?
Miss Kitty: Hey, there are no goodbyes between you and me, Tiger. After all, we'll always have the Bronx. Here's looking at you, kid. [she leaps onto the stagecoach]
Tiger: The Bronx, that's right, the Bronx. Right. I won't make a fuss. I can handle it. I can-- I can, uh... I can, uh-- [Suddenly he breaks down in tears.]
View Quote [Fievel, after falling into a bowl of water, sucks it up. Tiger also drinks the water, unaware that he has also eaten Fievel]
Fievel: Oh, no! I'm in a mouth!
[Fievel screams and hangs on to Tiger's uvula. Tiger chokes and gulps]
Tiger: I think a little endive went down the wrong tube.
Fievel: Oh, I hope he doesn't throw up. [gas starts welling up in Tiger's throat] GET ME OUTTA HERE!
Tiger: [surprised] Who said that?!
Fievel: [from inside Tiger's mouth] Me!
Tiger: [points to an apple he's holding, thinking that's what's talking] "Me", he says.
Fievel: Say "ah"!
Tiger: [opens his mouth with Fievel on his tongue] Ah!
View Quote [In Fievel's daydream]
Fievel: Have no fear, Filly the kid is here!
Wylie Burp: It's too tough, kid. Get out while you still can.
Fievel: If yer bitin' the dust, I'm goin' down with ya!
Wylie Burp: You saved my life. I'll never forget this, kid. Here, son, I want youto have one of these. Look out behind you.
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Wylie Burp: Here, son. I-I want you to have one of these. [gives Fievel his Sheriff badge]
Fievel Mousekewitz: I can't. I'm not a hero like you. Well, [chuckles] not really.
Wylie Burp: Well, maybe not. Maybe a real hero's the last one to hear about it. But you, you pulled me out of a gutter, and for that, I owe you some thanks. Just-Just remember, Fievel: One man's sunset is another man's dawn. I don't know what's out there beyond those hills, but if you ride yonder, head up, eyes steady, heart open, I think one day you'll find that you're the hero you've been lookin' for. [NOTE: These were last lines from James Stewart in his acting occupation, as he retired from acting after finishing this film, prior to his death in 1997. Wylie does not return in "Fievel's American Tails" because of Stewart's retirement.]
View Quote [Wylie Burp, Fievel and Tiger are standing on a tall mesa]
Wylie Burp: Now, let me see you walk. [Tiger takes three steps across the mesa and three steps back to Wylie, where squeaking is heard at each step] You-You're wigglin' like a French poodle. Now get down on all fours and get a snoot full of Mother Earth.
Tiger: Oh, that goes against my brain. [Wylie kicks Tiger onto the ground]
Wylie Burp: Now roll, you varmint. Roll. [Tiger starts to roll around the mesa] Give yourself a dirt bath. Now you're getting it.
Fievel: Come on, Tiger! We're rooting for you!
Wylie Burp: Get up. [Tiger does so] Suck in your ponch, boy! [Tiger puffs up his chest] Okay. Now, sander on out there, one leg in front of the other, slow and easy.
[Tiger starts to walk; every time he steps, flatulence can be heard; Tiger then falls off the mesa and then flies around like a deflating balloon until he falls to the ground]
Tiger: I hurt myself.
View Quote [After accidentally swallowing Fievel] I think a little endive went down the wrong tube!