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American Reunion

American Reunion quotes

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Kevin Myers
Michelle Levenstein
Steve Stifler

View Quote Kevin: Were we just as obnoxious as these kids back in the day?
Finch: Not us, our generation, we were more mature.
Stifler: Check it out. Vagina shark.
[He goes under water, girls scream]
Finch: I take that back.
Finch: How is your mother, Stifler?
Stifler: You stay away from my mom, Shitbrick!
Michelle: Hey, remember that one time at band camp, when we licked whipped cream off each other's hairy wet pussies...
Selena: [interrupts Michelle] Yes, yes. I remember.
Jim Levenstein: Stifler's having a party tonight. Okay, I know that doesn't sound romantic or anything, but remember our first time was at a Stifler party. You made me your bitch.
Michelle: Yes. Yes I did.
Jim's Dad: It is so great to see all you kids back in town. And what a terrific soiree are you throwing here tonight. Just wonderful.
Stifler: You know what? I'm gonna get you ****ed up.
Jim's Dad: Is it an erectile problem? Because sometimes, you can buy a little time... with a well-placed thumb.
MILF Guy #1: Milf?
MILF Guy #2: Milf...?
MILF Guy #1: Milf!
MILF Guy #2: Milf!
MILF Guy #1, MILF Guy #2: Milf! Milf! Milf! Milf! Milf!
Kara: Jim? I can't believe it's you. You don't remember me, do you? Remember Teletubbies Tuesdays?
Jim Levenstein: Kara? No, oh my god, what? You're not a kid anymore.
Kara: It's been a long time since I needed a babysitter.
Jim Levenstein: I can't believe how much you've grown up.
Kara: Thanks. It's actually my 18th birthday tomorrow.
Jim Levenstein: 18, wow.
Kara: You should come to my party.
Jim Levenstein: Oh, thank you, no, I... that might be...
Kara: Please I want you to **** so bad.
Kevin: You destroyed their Jet Skis.
Stifler: They splashed us, so...
Stifler: **** yeah, Mr. Levenstein!
Jim's Dad: [drunk] The name's Noah, mother****er!
AJ: Did you just refer to yourself as the Stifmeister? Coz that's, like, the lamest name ever.
Stifler: I'm gonna ****ing kill you.
[from trailer]
Stifler: Ladies, you'd better be working hard - you weren't hired for your looks. Actually, you were. Not you.
Mia: What's with you jacking my style, bitch?
Kara's Mom: Remember this song?
[puts My First Kiss on and starts dancing to it]
Sherman: [talking about his divorce] At least I got to keep little Furlong.
Stifler: You named your kid after Eddie Furlong?
Sherman: Yes I did. You know why? Because Terminator 2 is still the greatest film ever made.
Stifler: Dude, you need to get banged bad.
MILF Guy #2: [after seeing Oz rip his undershirt] Dude, you have an amazing body!
Stifler: [whispering as he drops his shorts and sits on some high school students' cooler] I'm shitting in their cooler.
Jim Levenstein: [gagging] I'm going to throw up.
View Quote [after punching Dr. Ron out] I ain't worth jackshit, D-Ron.
View Quote [repeated line] Oh, Finch's mom!
View Quote Don't mess with the class of '99, bitch!
View Quote Everytime I wanna shop online and I start typing Amazon, pops up.
View Quote Get off my husband, you little piece of shit!
View Quote Hey, Shitbreak, when you're getting rammed by your cellmate tonight, think of Kevin. Stifler's Mom
View Quote Morning, co-workers and ****-jerkers!