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View Quote Danny Vinyard: [referring to Dr. Sweeney] He's one of those proud to be **** guys, I hate those guys. He hate n***ers..
Cameron: Now wait a minute Danny, he's not proud, no he's a manipulative self-righteous U**le T*m. He's trying to make you feel guilty about writing about Adolf Hitler. Some n***er, some sp*c writes about Martin Luther King, or ****in Caesar commie Chavez gets a pat on the head.
View Quote Dennis Vinyard: So what is this "Native Son" ?
Derek Vinyard: It's this book about this black guy. We're doing this whole black literature unit.
Dennis Vinyard: What, is it Black History Month?
Derek Vinyard: No, it's just this guy Sweeney, you know? It's part of the course now.
Dennis Vinyard: Yeah...whatever. It's everywhere I look now.
Derek Vinyard: What?
Dennis Vinyard: This "affirmative blaction."
Doris Vinyard: Honey, a few new books doesn't qualify as affirmative black action.
Dennis Vinyard: Read the book, ace the guy's test...just don't swallow everything he feeds you whole. Just because you see it on the evening news...
Derek Vinyard: I know, but what?
Dennis Vinyard: All this stuff about making everything "equal..." it's not that simple. Now you've got this book "Native Son." What happened to the other books in the course? They're not good anymore because Mr. Two Ph.Ds says so? Now you got to trade great books for black books? Does that make sense? You gotta question these things, Der. You gotta look at the whole picture. We're talking about books...but we're also talking about my job. I've got two black guys on my squad now who got their job over a couple of white guys who actually scored higher on the test. Does that make sense? Everything's "equal" now, but I've got two guys watching my back...responsible for my life...who aren't as good. They only got the job because they were black, not because they were the best.
Derek Vinyard: That sucks.
Dennis Vinyard: Yeah, is that what America's about? No, America's about the best man for the job. You do your best, you get the job. This affirmative action crap--I don't know what that's about. There's like some hidden agenda or something going on. You see what I'm saying?
Derek Vinyard: Yeah, I do. I didn't think about it like that...This Sweeney guy though, he just comes on so strong. It's hard not to listen to him. I guess some of what he says though, it's kind of--
Dennis Vinyard: It's bullshit.
Derek Vinyard: Yeah...yeah, maybe.
Dennis Vinyard: No. It's **** bullshit. You see that, don't you?
Derek Vinyard: Yeah.
Dennis Vinyard: You got to watch out for that.
Derek Vinyard: Yeah. No, I get what you're saying. I will.
Dennis Vinyard: (pats Derek on the back) Good boy. I'm proud of you.
View Quote Derek Vinyard: ****, you just ****ed with the wrong bull. You should've learned your lesson on the ****in' basketball court. But you ****in' monkey's never get the message. My father gave me that truck you mother****er! You ever shoot at fireman? You come here and shoot at my family? I'm gonna teach you a real lesson now mother****er. Put your ****in' mouth on the curb.
Lawrence: Come on man.
Derek Vinyard: Put it on the curb right now!
Danny Vinyard: Derek, no!
Derek Vinyard: Now say good night.
[Derek stomps Lawrence's head into the curb]
View Quote Lamont: [as Derek is leaving prison] 'Sup, man? You getting outta here? Well, c'mon man! What the **** you waiting on?
Derek Vinyard: Yeah, you know, I got this funny feeling.
Lamont: Oh yeah? What's that?
Derek Vinyard: I'm thinking the only reason I'm getting outta here in one piece is you.
Lamont: C'mon man! Get the **** outta here, man! You think I'm gonna put my neck on the line for some crazy-ass peckerwood?
Derek Vinyard: Yeah, right. Stupid.
[a moment of silence passes and Lamont looks away]
Derek Vinyard: That's what I thought. I owe you, man.
Lamont: Man, you owe me shit, a'ight?
Derek Vinyard: Yes, I do.
[Derek offers his hand and Lamont takes it]
Derek Vinyard: You'll be outta here in no time.
Lamont: C'mon man, it's a piece of cake, a'ight? You just take it easy on the brothers, a'ight? The brothers!
View Quote Murray: I don't have a personal problem with him! (Danny)
Bob Sweeney: Don't insult my intelligence, Murray! You hate this child, and I think I know why!
Murray: (closes the door) So I went out with his mother a few times. That was three years was nothing.
Bob Sweeney: Nothing. Really?
Murray: That paper, Bob--it's a travesty. Arguing for Hitler as a civil rights hero? You've got to draw the line.
Bob Sweeney: You know, Murray, you actually brought this upon yourself. You said the paper could be on any book that related to the struggle for human plain English. I am not disputing that the child is confused, and harbors some sick ideas, but I am not ready to give up on him yet.
Murray: His brother probably put him up to it.
Bob Sweeney: I guarantee you 100% his brother did not put him up to this.
Murray: Whatever...I find that hard to believe.
View Quote Murray: What are you doing Derek? This is your family.
Derek Vinyard: Right, my family, my family, so you know what? I don't give two shits about you or anybody else or what they think. You're not a part of it and you never will be.
Murray: That has nothing to do with it!
Derek Vinyard: Oh it doesn't? You don't think I see what you're trying to do here? You think I'm gonna sit here and smile while some ****ing **** tries to **** my mother? It's never gonna happen Murray, ****ing forget it, not on my watch, not while I'm still in this family. I will ****ing cut your Shylock nose off and stick it up your ass before I let that happen. Coming here and poison my family's dinner with your Jewish, ****-loving, hippie bullshit. **** you! **** you! Yeah, walk out, asshole, ****ing Cabala reading mother****er. Get the **** out of my house.[flashes swastica tattoo] see this, this means not welcome.
View Quote Reporter: Earlier today, L.A. County firefighter Dennis Vinyard was shot and killed battling a blaze at a suspected Compton drug den. We're at the Vinyard home now, and Lieutenant Vinyard's oldest son Derek has agreed to talk with us for a moment. Derek, if you could come down here, please, for a second. Look, I know this is tough, but how do you feel right now?
Derek Vineyard: (younger, wearing a Venice Beach High Basketball jersey) How do you think I feel? I think it's typical.
Reporter: Typical how?
Derek Vinyard: Well, this country's becoming a haven for criminals, so what do you expect? Decent hard-working Americans like my dad are getting rubbed out by social parasites.
Reporter: Parasites?
Derek Vinyard: Blacks, browns, yellow, whatever.
Reporter: I don't understand. You think maybe your father's murder was race-related?
Derek Vinyard: Yeah, it's race-related! Every problem in this country is race-related! Not just's immigration, AIDS, welfare! Those are problems of the black community, the Hispanic community, the Asian community! They're not white problems!
Reporter: Aren't those really issues that deal more with poverty?
Derek Vinyard: No! They're not products of their environments! That's crap! Minorities don't give two shits about this country! They come here to exploit it, not to embrace it!
Reporter: What does this have to do with the--
Derek Vinyard: Millions of white Europeans came here and flourished within a generation! What the **** is the matter with these people? They have to go around...shooting at firemen!
Reporter: What does this have to do with the murder of your father?
Derek Vinyard: Because my father was murdered doing his job!! Putting out a fire in a ****ing **** neighborhood he shouldn't have given a shit about! He got shot by a ****ing drug dealer who probably still collects a welfare check!
Doris Vinyard: (approaching Derek) Honey, that's enough.
View Quote Seth: Who do you hate, Danny?
Danny Vinyard: I hate anyone that isn't white Protestant.
Seth: Why?
Danny Vinyard: They're a burden to the advancement of the white race. Some of them are all right, I guess...
Seth: None of 'em are ****ing all right, Danny, OK?
View Quote Every night, thousands of these parasites stream across the border like some ****ing piñata exploded. [the skinheads laugh] Don't laugh! There's nothin' funny goin' on here! [the skinheads immediately quiet down] this is about your life and mine, it's about decent hard working Americans falling through the cracks and getting the shaft because their government cares more about the constitutional rights of a bunch of people who arent even citizens of this country, On the Statue of Liberty it says "give me your tired your hungry, your poor..." well it's Americans who are tired and hungry and poor, and I say until you take care of that, close the ****ing book! 'Cause we're losing, we're losing our right to pursue our destiny, we're losing our freedom, so that a bunch of ****ing foreigners can come in here and exploit our country, and this isn't something thats going on far away, this isn't something thats happening places we cant do anything about it, it's happening right here, right in our neighborhood, right in that building behind you..Archie Miller ran that grocery store since we were kids here..Dave worked there Mike worked there..he went under and now some ****in Korean owns it who fired these guys and is making a killing cause he hired 40 ****in border jumpers..i see this shit going on and I dont see anyone doing anything about it...and it ****in pisses me off!! So look around you,this isn't our ****in neighborhood this is a battlefield we are on a battlefield tonight..make a decision are we gonna stand by the sidelines quietly standing while our country gets raped? "(the skinheads yell) **** no!!" are we gonna ante-up and do something about it? "(skinheads yell) **** YEAHH!!!!" you're goddamn right we are!!
View Quote Hey! I gotta bet..I come in this game right now same score but we play black guys against the white guys. "(black guys laugh)Name your price c***ker" No money, no money for these courts and not just today for good. If you win we will walk outta here but if we bitching, no fighting, right here in front of everybody you pack up your shit and get your black asses outta here
View Quote I believe in death, destruction, chaos, filth, and greed. [Trying to make fun of Seth while he (Seth) is trying to video tape him]
View Quote I hate the fact that it's cool to be black these days, I hate this hip-hop ****in influence in white ****in suburbia and I hate tabatha and all her Zionist MTV ****ing pigs telling us we should get along save the retorical bullshit hillary rodham clinton cause it aint gonna ****in happen
View Quote **** you just ****ed with the wrong bull... COME HERE! you should have learned your place on the ****in' basketball court, but you ****ing monkeys just never get the message! My father gave me that truck you mother****er! Do you ever shoot at firemen? You come here and shoot at my family?! I'm gonna teach you a real lesson now mother****er, put your ****ing mouth on the curb...PUT IT ON THE CURB RIGHT NOW!! (The carjacker puts his teeth on the curb and bites). Thats it, now say goodnight! (jumps on the head of the carjacker)
View Quote Oh it doesn't? You don't think I see what you're trying to do here? You think I'm gonna sit here and smile while some ****in' **** tries to **** my mother? It's never gonna happen Murray, ****in' forget it, not on my watch, not while I'm still in this family. I will ****in' cut your Sh**ock nose off and stick it up your ass before I let that happen. Coming here and poison my family's dinner with your Jewish, N****r-lovin', hippie bullshit. **** you! **** you! Yeah, walk out, asshole, ****in' Kabalah reading mother****er. Get the **** out of my house. [showing his tattoo of a swastika] DO YOU SEE THIS!? THIS MEANS NOT WELCOME!
View Quote One in every three black males is in some phase of the correctional system. Is that a coincidence or do these people have, you know, like a racial commitment to crime?