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Alvin: Did you guys hear that?
Miles: Hear what?
Alvin: Huh. Never mind.
Miles: Guys, last night was one of the best nights of my life.
Alvin: It was pretty crazy.
Theodore: Even that Suggs guy hung out with us.
Alvin: Yeah, he's not that bad after all.
Simon: Hey! We missed a call from Dave. And a text. 27 of them.
Theodore: Uh-oh!
Miles: Oh-no.
Alvin: This where they told us to meet them, right?
Theodore: Well, yelled at us to meet them.
Miles: Hopefully they had time to cool off on the plane.
Dave: There you are.
Simon: Dave!
Alvin: Dave!
Miles: Mom!
Dave: Don't "Dave, Mom" us.
Samantha: You know what, Dave? You're an artist, and you're emotional... and you follow your heart, but maybe I should take the lead one this one. You know, we keep a level head. Throw them a little Good Cop. Okay.
Dave: Okay.
Samantha: [to Miles and the Chipmunks] Don't you "Dave, Mom" us. Do you have any idea how terrifying it is... to find out that your children are 2,000 miles away from where they're supposed to be? You are lucky that there are witnesses, [Everyone heard everything] because I am so mad right now... that I could just spit! Right here, on this floor!
Dave: Okay, okay, okay, okay. Nice Good Cop.
Alvin: Dave, I swear, it wasn't as crazy as it looked on TV.
Dave: Oh, really? Well, let me just pull up some of Theodore's tweets from last night. "Only one word to describe this night, "Crazy, crazy, crazy,crazy." Or, "if you wanna get crazy, "go to New Orleans. It's the craziest." Or, "In a New Orleans Jazz Parade, "so crazy."
Simon: We're really sorry, Dave.
Dave: Sorry's not gonna cut it this time, guys. If were up to me, we'd be going home, but I gotta get back to Miami. Do not smile. You guys are grounded in Miami and also when we get back to LA.
Alvin: [scoffs] When are we not grounded?
Dave: You'll be so old, your fur will be gray.
Samantha: Yeah, that goes for your fur too, Miles.
Miles: I don't have fur.
Samantha: Well, whatever you have is grounded... for a long time. Let's go.
Alvin: Huh. They didn't kill us after all
Miles: Feels like a win.

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