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(The trio entered the library to find answers.)
9: Is this what it was like?
7: Keep up!
(They meet 3 and 4.)
5: Oh! They've been here? The whole time?
9: Twins.
7: They've been hiding here. Lost in the past. Looking for answers.
9: Oh!
(5 and 7 laugh)
7: They're cataloging.
9: Whoa!
7: We need your help. We awakened something-
9: No. I awakened something. Something terrible. (The twins pages a book to find what has awakened; 9 finds the Fabrication Machine) That's it!
(The twins shows the trio various floors, finding the Fabrication Machine's origins. 4 plays a record clip)
Announcer #1: Today, the Chancellor presented the latest advancement of technological wizardry to the public.
Chancellor: Comrades, today dawns a new era. Let us praise this new technology. Welcome to the age of the Machine! It will create new machines in its own image! Machines of peace that will usher in a glorious new era of wealth and prosperity for the state!
(A newspaper saids WAR DECLARED!, showing various scenes of war with walking machines aiding their side's soldiers; later the headline is shown: MACHINES TURN AGAINST US!, and the War Machines are seen killing humans as Humans fight back for survival.)
Announcer #2: Residents are advised to pause for a public address.
Chancellor: Science has turned its sinister hands against us! People of our mighty state, join me in repelling the iron fist of the Machine!
(4 ended a record clip)
9: But, the thing that woke it. It was round and imprinted with strange shapes. (The Twins doesn't know what he mentions. 9 draws.) The shapes corresponded. It fit perfectly into the Machine. As if it were made for it.
5: That's what 6 always draws!
9: 6?
5: 2 collected his drawings. He's always studying them.
9: I have to see them.
7: What? Go back to 1? So, he can lock us away while this nightmare awakens? Never.

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