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9 (2009 animated)

9 (2009 animated) quotes

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The Scientist

View Quote (Last words; trying to stop 9 from unwittingly reactivating the Fabrication Machine) Wait! What are you doing?! We don't know what it is!
View Quote (Last words) They've left us nothing. Nothing. Why do we have to right their wrongs? Sometimes, one must be sacrificed.
View Quote (To 7 about loss of 2, 5, 6 and 8) They all died because of me. I started this and now I need to finish it.
View Quote (After a figure decapitated the Cat Beast, revealing herself as 7.)
5: 7!?
2: I don't believe it! (hugs 7)
5: You've come back!
7: I never left. You finally decided to join the fight.
9: You dropped this.
7: Where've you been hiding?
2: Rusty, hacked-together, shoddy pile of...
View Quote (After escaping the reawakened Fabrication Machine)
5: (sobbing for loss of 2) I knew we shouldn't have come! Why? Why did you do that?
9: I didn't know! I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
7: What were you thinking?
5: What is it going to do?
7: I know where we can find answers.
View Quote (After the Seamstress took 7 and 8.)
9: We have to go after them!
1: What? 8? Where- Where's 8?
9: That thing has them! It's taking them back to the Machine!
1: Then it's too late. We... We have to get out of here. W-W-We must try to find another safe place.
9: No more hiding! We're going after them! All of us.
1: Need I remind you of the outcome of your last heroic venture?
(3, 4, 5, 6 and 9 gathers at 2's lifeless body)
9: I can't let this happen to them.
View Quote (At the cathedral.)
1: You awakened what?! You fools! I warned you!
8: He warned you.
1: Now, it'll us all in unimaginable peril. And may I ask; did you manage to save 2? Of course not! By following this witless folly, you've endangered everything we work for!
9: Why was 2 sent out to begin with?
1: I sent him to scout.
9: That doesn't make any sense. You don't send the oldest out to... Look, we need to figure out what's going on.
6: (interrupting the confrontation, showing his drawings to 9.) The source, the source...Go back to the source.
9: This is it. This is what awakened the Machine. What do you know about this? (6 tries to question, but 1 angrily interrupts)
1: Ah, You can't be trusted. I won't allow you to endanger us further. Subjugate them!
8: [Confused] Sub... What?
1: You illiterate cretin! Take their belongings!
9: Hey! You're nothing but a coward.
1: How dare you challenge me?! I, who kept everyone safe, all these years! Ever since you got here, everything has been unraveling! You're a curse! A fool! Guided by pointless queries!
9: And you are a blind man, guided by fear!
[A shadow darkens the room as something flies by the church window]
1: Sometimes, fear... is the appropriate response.
View Quote (The trio entered the library to find answers.)
9: Is this what it was like?
7: Keep up!
(They meet 3 and 4.)
5: Oh! They've been here? The whole time?
9: Twins.
7: They've been hiding here. Lost in the past. Looking for answers.
9: Oh!
(5 and 7 laugh)
7: They're cataloging.
9: Whoa!
7: We need your help. We awakened something-
9: No. I awakened something. Something terrible. (The twins pages a book to find what has awakened; 9 finds the Fabrication Machine) That's it!
(The twins shows the trio various floors, finding the Fabrication Machine's origins. 4 plays a record clip)
Announcer #1: Today, the Chancellor presented the latest advancement of technological wizardry to the public.
Chancellor: Comrades, today dawns a new era. Let us praise this new technology. Welcome to the age of the Machine! It will create new machines in its own image! Machines of peace that will usher in a glorious new era of wealth and prosperity for the state!
(A newspaper saids WAR DECLARED!, showing various scenes of war with walking machines aiding their side's soldiers; later the headline is shown: MACHINES TURN AGAINST US!, and the War Machines are seen killing humans as Humans fight back for survival.)
Announcer #2: Residents are advised to pause for a public address.
Chancellor: Science has turned its sinister hands against us! People of our mighty state, join me in repelling the iron fist of the Machine!
(4 ended a record clip)
9: But, the thing that woke it. It was round and imprinted with strange shapes. (The Twins doesn't know what he mentions. 9 draws.) The shapes corresponded. It fit perfectly into the Machine. As if it were made for it.
5: That's what 6 always draws!
9: 6?
5: 2 collected his drawings. He's always studying them.
9: I have to see them.
7: What? Go back to 1? So, he can lock us away while this nightmare awakens? Never.
View Quote 5: 2 would be impressed.
9: We'll find him.
(9 and 5 travel to the factory, searching for 2.)
5: You know, you're just like him. You forget to remember to be scared.
View Quote 5: This was the first thing we built together.
9: We can still go after him.
5: Us? But, he could be anywhere out there.
9: (looks around and gasps) That's where it took him (points to the factory) Out towards those three tall shapes.
5: (looks into the factory with a telescope) Oh, no. We can't, not there. (jumps down, reminding 9) We have rules.
9: Why do you listen to 1?
5: A group must have a leader.
9: But what if he's wrong? (5 looks confused) Come with me. I can't do it alone.
5: I... (sighs) I... I can't.
9: But, wouldn't he have come for you?
5: I... (changes his mind) Wait. We're going to need a map.
View Quote 6: Go back! To the first room! He'll show you! The source!
(The Fabrication Machine absorbs 6's soul.)
1: It must be destroyed.
9: No. No, we can't! Didn't you hear him? They're trapped inside. We can still save them.
7: What? How?
9: We have to find the source. It holds the answer.
7: We need to destroy it.
9: But, there's still a chance!
1: We're out of time.
7: 9, they're gone.
9: You're wrong. (9 leaves to find the source of how to stop the Fabrication Machine.)
7: 9...
1: Let him go.
View Quote 9: What? What is it?
6: The source.
9: The thing that woke the Machine.
6: Go back. Go back.
9: Back to where?
1: Dark science. What good does this useless rubbish do us? Forget it!
9: You know something. What do you know?
1: I know enough to leave their ancient evils to molder. Look what they've left us with. Leave it be, I say! But you, always asking questions. So many pointless questions. Probing, pushing like 2! He always had to know! (rips the page off the book) Too much!
9: I was right. You did send him out to die!
1: He was old! He was weak! (5 gasps and 7 glares at him) Sometimes, one must be sacrificed for the good of many.
9: 7! (7 storms off.)
1: Your path takes us to catastrophe.
9: We have to go back.
5: Back? Where?
9: To the first room. Where I woke.
View Quote [After all the machines are defeated and the factory destroyed, it slowly begins to rain. This has not happened in a very long time.]
7: What happens next?
9: I'm not sure, exactly. But this world is ours now. It's what we make of it.
About 9 (2009 animated film)[edit]
View Quote [In a flashback, 1 describes how the State's never-ending war against another nation saw the introduction of self-piloted war machines. These machines ended up turning on humanity, ending the war with massive artillery barrages of poison gas shells.]
1: The gas killed everything. I led us here... to Sanctuary. Here, we waited for the war to end. Slowly the world become silent. All that remains now, is the beast. So we stay hidden, and we wait for it too to sleep.
9: But where did it come from? Why is it hunting us?
1: Questions like that are pointless! We need to protect ourselves. Keep ourselves out of danger. Too many of us have already been lost.
9: But he isn't lost. (1 walks away) Why aren't you listening to me?
1: 2 chose his own path! I suggest you avoid making the same mistake. Go to the watchtower, and take our guest with you.
View Quote Help me put it down!