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13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi

13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi quotes

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Jack Silva
Kris 'Tanto' Paronto
The Chief
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Tyrone 'Rone' Woods

View Quote 2012: The United States had 294 Diplomatic outposts worldwide. 12 were in places so dangerous the State Department deemed them threat level "critical." Two were in Libya: Tripoli and Benghazi. October 2011: U.S., French, and British forces attacked Libya by air. As the air campaign continued, the Libyan people violently deposed dictator Muammar Gaddafi after 42 years of tyrannical rule. Warring militia gangs raided Gaddafi's massive armories. Violent turf wars broke out. Benghazi became one of the most dangerous places on Earth. Virtually every foreign embassy closed, except a U.S. Diplomatic outpost, and a covert CIA base. The CIA matched for lethal weapons before they spread to the global black market. The CIA base was protected: 6 elite ex-military operators. Code name: G.R.S. This is a true story.
View Quote Mark 'Oz' Geist: [to Sona] I need your eyes and ears - not your mouth!
View Quote Kris 'Tanto' Paronto: Could be the start of the Holy War.
Dave 'Boon' Benton: You gonna fight the Holy War in your shorts? Strong move.
View Quote Kris 'Tanto' Paronto: I never really get scared. Is that weird? Whenever bullets start to fly, I always feel protected. You know, like it's... As long as I'm doing the right thing, God'll take care of me. But that's crazy, right?
Dave 'Boon' Benton: Not any more than everything else you say.
Kris 'Tanto' Paronto: [Smiles] Hope God has a sense of humor.
Dave 'Boon' Benton: [Nods] Yeah.
Kris 'Tanto' Paronto: I guess we'll find out soon enough.
View Quote The Chief: [During gunfight at CIA Annex] Stop! Stop shooting! 17 Feb says you're firing at them!
Kris 'Tanto' Paronto: Somebody started shooting at us first! [Gunfight continues] And they're still ****ing shooting at us!
View Quote The Chief: I know you and Tyrone go way back, Sil. I'll be frank: the Company thinks you should be here. I don't. Truth is, there is no real threat here. We won the revolution for these people. The more guns there are here, the more likely there is to be a misunderstanding. This is my last station, before retiring. I don't need a misunderstanding. Is that clear?
Jack Silva: Loud and.
The Chief: These are your credentials, and two weeks' per diem. Better spend 'em quick; things change fast here in Benghazi. We have the brightest minds, from the Farm, educated at Harvard and Yale, doing the important work. Best thing for you to do, is stay out of their way.
View Quote The Chief: I'm staying. I have Intel to collect.
Jack Silva: For what? So that more guys like Ty and Glenn have to come back here. Save your ass again? You're done here. Now... get in the ****ING CAR!
View Quote Tyrone 'Rone' Woods: 20 to 40 tangos, that's a substantial force. We got to go right now, chief.
The Chief: We have no authority at the consulate. We have no jurisdiction in this country. We're not supposed to be here.
Tyrone 'Rone' Woods: But we are here.
The Chief: We're coordinating with 17 Feb, they're gonna take the point.
Tyrone 'Rone' Woods: Absolutely not. You have a U.S. Ambassador at risk. Send us, Chief. You've got to send us.
The Chief: The Ambassador is in his safe haven with his body man. You're not the first responders. You're the last resort. You will wait.
View Quote Tyrone 'Rone' Woods: Enlighten Me, Boon.
Dave 'Boon' Benton: "All the gods, all the heavens, all the hells are within you."
View Quote Tyrone 'Rone' Woods: How would you feel if you had to protect Americans at $28 a day and then bring your own bullets?
Jack Silva: Well, why leave security to the professionals, right?
View Quote Tyrone 'Rone' Woods: That roadblock was run by Ansar al-Sharia. It's not just tribal groups of freedom fighters anymore.
The Chief: If you have useful intel, Tyrone, put it in a memo. You guys, bunk here. But you're not CIA. You're hired help. Act the part.
View Quote Tyrone 'Rone' Woods: Those State guys. Whew! Dave up on C - You should see the look in his eyes. These guys are gonna relive this night for the rest of their lives. My whole mindset? Never feel that. You go down shooting, balls out, every time. How you doing, brother?
Jack Silva: Down time's the worst, isn't it?
[Tyrone 'Rone' Woods smiles and nods]
Jack Silva: Adrenaline leaves and your mind just starts to wander.
Tyrone 'Rone' Woods: Yeah.
Jack Silva: I haven't thought about my family once tonight. Thinking about them now... Up here in the middle of all this. I'm thinking about my girls, man. Thinking... What would they say about me? "He died in a place he didn't need to be, in a battle over something he doesn't understand in a country that meant nothing to him." Every time I go home to Becky and those girls, I think this is it. I'm gonna stay. [Shakes head] And then something happens and I end up back here. Why is that? Why can't I go home? Why can't I go home and just stay there?
Tyrone 'Rone' Woods: [Lets out deep breath] Warriors aren't trained to retire, Jack.
Jack Silva: Becky's pregnant.
Tyrone 'Rone' Woods: You kidding me?
Jack Silva: She told me today. [Shakes head] That can't be the last call. That can't be the last call 'cause I'm sitting up here and I'm thinking about some other guy raising these girls... Man, I'm sorry.
Tyrone 'Rone' Woods: No, no, hey...
Jack Silva: I shouldn't have...
Tyrone 'Rone' Woods: No, man, no... It's alright. I get it. Okay? You go to them. I know what it's like to be in a place like this, let another man raise your children. When I was young, I was giving myself to something bigger. Jack, that something bigger's gone now.
Jack Silva: [Takes in deep breath, then smiles] But your new son? Kai is your second chance.
Tyrone 'Rone' Woods: I might actually not be a half-bad father. [laughs with Jack] "All the gods, all the heavens, all the hells are within you."
Jack Silva: What is that?
Tyrone 'Rone' Woods: [Smiles] Something Boon dropped on me earlier. And it's just been going around in my head all night.
View Quote [to the Chief, after the attack starts] : You're not giving orders anymore. You're taking them. You're in my world now.
View Quote Glen 'Bub' Doherty: Okay, annex, we're officially lost. Neither Google or Siri know where the **** you are.
View Quote Glen 'Bub' Doherty: Sorry I'm late. I got hung up in the gift shop.