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'Cousin' Avi
Brick Top
Bullet Tooth Tony
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Do you know what nemesis means? A righteous infliction of retribution manifested by an appropriate agent. Personified in this case by an 'orrible **** — me.

In the quiet words of the Virgin Mary... come again?

I don't care if he's Muhammad I'm Hard Bruce Lee. You can't change fighters.

Listen here you ****ing fringe, if I throw a dog a bone, I don't want to know if it tastes good or not. You stop me again whilst I'm walking and I'll cut your ****ing jacobs off.

No thanks Turkish. I'm sweet enough.

'Blagged'? Speak English to me Tony, I thought this country spawned the ****in' language and so far nobody seems to speak it.

Boris The Blade: [referring to the gun he sold Tommy] Heavy is good, heavy is reliable. If it doesn't work... you can always hit them with it.

[to Turkish] You are on thin ****ing ice, my pedigree chums, and I shall be under it when it breaks!

Goody gumdrops. Get us a cup of tea, will ya, Errol?

(To Avi in a different room to him) AVI! PULL YA SOCKS UP! (starts shooting through the wall)

Shut and sit down you big bald ****.(Talking to doug the head after he found out franky four fingers was at a bookies)

(to his colleague) Yes, London. You know- Fish, Chips, Cup o' tea, bad food, worse weather, Mary ****ing Poppins, London!

Various characters: I ****in' hate Pikeys.

Chinese Victim of Bullet Tooth Tony: [After shooting Tony several times without him dying] I shoot you, you go down!!!

Brick Top: Pull your tongue out of my arsehole, Gary. Dogs do that. You're not a dog are ya Gary?
Gary: No, no I'm not.
Brick Top: However, you have all the characteristics of a dog, Gary... All except loyalty.
[Errol zaps Gary]
Turkish: [Narrating]It's rumored that Brick Top's favorite means of dispatch involves a stun gun, a plastic bag, a roll of tape, and a pack of hungry pigs.
Brick Top: You're a ruthless little **** Liam. I'll give ya that. But I got no time for grassers. Feed 'em to the pigs Errol... [turns to face the boxers in the ring] What the **** are you two looking at?