She's the Man

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Principal Gold

Viola/Sebastian: High five, nicee.

[in the dorm room with Duke and Viola as Sebastian]
Viola (as Sebastian): Your the guy... um the bigger guy

Girls with asses like mine, do not talk to boys with faces like yours.

Sexual tension, male-female dynamics...all part of the high school experience.

[to Monique in dorms] : Let me introduce myself. [in the shower room to Viola as Sebastian] : "I'm Malcolm Festes. Dorm director. Shower shoes are to be worn at all times in the shower room except when in the actual shower. Did you not read your dorm life phamphlet? It was in your cubby."

[to Monique on the phone] "Hey Monique it's Sebastian. I don't know if Viola told you, but I'm in London, but I'm coming home a day early. Hey listen, we really need to talk!"