Justin quotes

(Blocks goal) That's right. Didn't score on me last half, won't score on this half! I'm a ninja. Ninja Goalie.

Sebastian: (indicating Viola's false sideburns) Are those real?
Viola: Oh yeah, I'm growing sideburns now- NO!

(sees Olivia switch kissing booth places with Viola)
Duke: Just my luck.
(sees look on Viola's face)
Duke: No, no, no, no. I didn't mean it like that. I just mean, she's... you know... Okay. Um, on the other hand you're also...
Viola: I am? Thanks, I guess.
9 Year Old Boy: You don't have to flirt with her first, okay, genius? You're paying for it.

[in the dorm room with Duke and Viola as Sebastian]
Viola (as Sebastian): Your the guy... um the bigger guy

'[Viola as Sebastian teaching Duke how to talk to a girl]
Viola Ask me if I like...cheese!
Duke Cheese? Okay...do you like...cheese?
Viola/Sebastian (In girly voice) "Why yes I do, my favorite's gouda

Toby: (to Viola as Sebastian)Is you're sister...hott?
Viola: Well, um... she has a GREAT personality.
Duke, Toby, Andrew: Ew.

Duke: Okay, why do you have tampons in your boot?
Viola(as Sebastian): Um...I...get really bad nosebleeds?
Andrew: So, you stick them up your nose?
Viola: Yeeeeah, what...you...you've never done that? Oh my, Beckham does it all the time.
Toby: Seriously?
Viola: Look, let me show you how to do it. Take that off, and...whatever that is. And you stick it right in. It absorbs right up!

Viola/Sebastian: High five, nicee.

(Soccer Ball hits lower area)
Coach/Duke/toby/Soccer Team:Ohh
Viola/Sebastian: (looks Around) Oh right, owww! ahh! For the love of God! It burns!!

Toby: I got lady troubles
Viola/Sebastian: I got a lifetime of knowledge

Andrew: Oh my god, Sebastians with Unis! She must be hotter than we thought!
Toby: Ok how come when i wanted to go out with Unis everyone made fun of me and now that sebastians going out with her suddenly Unis is cool? Screw you guys, i hate high school.

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