She's the Man

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Principal Gold

Duke: Okay, why do you have tampons in your boot?
Viola(as Sebastian): Um...I...get really bad nosebleeds?
Andrew: So, you stick them up your nose?
Viola: Yeeeeah,'ve never done that? Oh my, Beckham does it all the time.
Toby: Seriously?
Viola: Look, let me show you how to do it. Take that off, and...whatever that is. And you stick it right in. It absorbs right up!

Sexual tension, male-female dynamics...all part of the high school experience.

[to Monique on the phone] "Hey Monique it's Sebastian. I don't know if Viola told you, but I'm in London, but I'm coming home a day early. Hey listen, we really need to talk!"

(Blocks goal) That's right. Didn't score on me last half, won't score on this half! I'm a ninja. Ninja Goalie.

[in the dorm room with Duke and Viola as Sebastian]
Viola (as Sebastian): Your the guy... um the bigger guy

(to Viola at kissing booth) Beware the old guy chewing's not gum.