She-Devil quotes

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Bob Patchett
Mary Fisher
Olivia Honey
Ruth Patchett/Vesta Rose

Nurse Hooper: I know what you've been doing! The vitamins! The workouts! It's against the rules! I'm going tor report you to Mrs. Trumper and then you'll be sorry!
Ruth/Vesta Rose: I don't think so. I have been sorry my whole life and by the looks of it so have you, so you do whatever you want. It's a shame though, Hooper, I always thought women like us should stick together.

Publicist: What's that in your hair?
Mary Fisher: Oh! It's a Gummy Bear! [eats it]

Ruth/Vesta Rose: [taking notice of novel's author] Mary Fisher... any relation?
Mrs. Fisher: My daughter.
Ruth/Vesta Rose: Oh, how nice!
Mrs. Fisher: She's a slut! Bitch keeps me in this dog pound while she lives the life of princess in her goddamn mansion.
Ruth/Vesta Rose: That doesn't seem fair.
Mrs. Fisher: I ought to drop in on her one day. That'd scare the shit out of her!

[Ruth comes into the bathroom where Bob is showering]
Bob Patchett: [startled] Ruth! What the hell are you doing?! Oh, please, don't start now. My folks will be here soon.
Ruth Patchett: I'm not starting anything, I just wanted to weigh myself.
Bob Patchett: Yeah, no wonder you're upset.

[Ruth comes into the dining room with soup. She takes the lid off of the dish, exposing Andy's pet gerbil, Herbie, lying dead in the meal]
Bob Patchett: Oh my God!
Andy Patchett: Herbie!
Nicolette Patchett: I'm gonna barf!
Bob Patchett: Ruth, what the hell is wrong with you?!
Ruth Patchett: I'll go get a strainer.

[reading from one of Fisher's novels] "She entwined her limbs about him, as ivy might wrap itself around some massive pillar. When his love nectar was spent, they drifted into the bliss of sleep."

[speaking to Ruth] I don't even think you're a woman! You know what you are? You're a she-devil!

[writing] He held her body as he had for a millennium with an ease neither of them had ever, ever known. He reached for her [pauses trying to think of an appropriate word] ...nub. [she backspaces "nub" and tries again] Love... button!

All the little families. Mummies and daddies and dear little children tucked away for the night. [begins crying] How lucky they all are!

Because that is the real world, Mary, so wake up and smell the cappuccino!

Hey, can I have some salt and Perrier? I just spilled my wine on Mary Fisher, you know, the famous author!

I've always found that justice serves those who serve themselves.

It's like you give men what they want and they don't want it anymore.

It's picture time! [sets Olivia on the Xerox machine]

Mary Fisher's mother had been enjoying a long, untroubled sleep. It was time to wake her up.