Saw III quotes

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Amanda Young
Jeff Reinhart
John Kramer/Jigsaw
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Rigg: [Discovering Troy's remains in a classroom] Oh, my god. Someone call Kerry.

[As Timothy's head is being twisted 180 degrees] I forgive him! I forgive him!

I'm sorry - it must be distracting when there are so many things here you could kill me with. Like this axe I saw you looking at. Take it. Please, it's yours.I'd go for the neck but I'm not the brain surgeon. Just do it quietly so John doesn't hear me die otherwise he likely to get upset, rip off his heart rate monitor--[Whispers] boom! Then you just have to find the sensor and disarm it so you can walk more than 30 feet out that door without the collar detonating. Or, you can try and take it off yourself. That could be tricky. Slightest knock in the wrong place could trigger it. I should know. I built it.

Let me give you the simple version. You will keep him alive, whatever it takes. No excuses, no equivocations. [whispers] No crying.

Yeah, that's right. I'm a murderer.

[Meeting Halden in his trap] You don't remember me. Maybe you remember Timothy Young? He was the driver who killed my son. You gave him six months! Six months! People get more for ****ing parking tickets!

[Gaining the key that will save Timothy from a shotgun] Got the key.

It's all bullshit. It's all a ****ing lie!

My 20-second analysis without any medical equipment is that his brain is hernating.

[First lines; from the end of Saw II]
Amanda: Game over.
Eric Matthews: I'LL ****ING KILL YOU! YOU ****ING BITCH!!! YOU ****ING BITCH!!! I'LL ****ING KILL YOU!! NO! NO!!

[Jeff finds Judge Halden in a silo being covered by dead pig guts]
Halden: I'm a criminal court judge, for Christ's sake! You can't do this to me!
Jeff: You don't remember me? Well, maybe you remember, Timothy Young? [The Judge is covered in more pig guts] He was the driver who killed my son. You gave him six months!
Halden: Okay, all right. We can talk about your case. Obviously, you want answers. I can't give them to you like this! [Is covered in more pig guts]
Jeff: SIX MONTHS! People get more for ****ing parking tickets!
Halden: Okay, I can see you're in great deal of pain. But[1] there are ways we can have his sentence extended. I can help you!
Jeff: TOO LATE! They let him go!
Halden: Don't become what he is! Don't become a killer. Please... [Extends his hand out to Jeff] I have a son, too.

I forgive you.

[Jeff and Halden find Timothy on a crucifix-like device; Jeff plays a tape that Timothy is wearing]
Tape: Hello, Jeff. If you are listening to this, then that means the confrontation you have so long dreamed of is finally unfolding.
Timothy Young: Do something!
Tape: In your head, he is a cipher, a symbol of your life changing--a symbol of death. I present him to you now as a simple human being. His name is Timothy Young. He's 27 years old, a medical student with a mother and a father, just like you. A man whose life also changed the day your son died.
[Brief flashback of Jeff's sons' death]
Tape: That day, he made a terrible mistake. You believed he didn't pay for that mistake and now is your chance to make him pay. The device Timothy is strapped to is my personal favorite. I call it The Rack. [Timothy screams] The human body is a miraculous creation. Ever wonder how far the arm can twist? [Jeff gives an interested look] This device is going to start twisting. There is a chance he might live, though, with your help.
Timothy: Please...
Tape: To your right is a box.
Timothy: Why?
Tape: At the back of the box is a key. It's tied to the trigger of a shotgun. The question you have to ask yourself is this: Are you willing...
Timothy: Have mercy!
Tape: ... to take a bullet for the man who killed your son? Does "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" apply here, Jeff? Make your choice.

[Whilst Lynn is operating on John's brain]
Lynn: John, how are you doing?
John: Never better.

[Halden is trying to save Timothy while Jeff watches]
Halden: Jeff, just standing there, you're an accomplice to murder. Are you a murderer?
Jeff: I wanted to kill him every day. For three years, I've wanted to kill you. You know what? Maybe I am.
Halden: What about your family? Your wife, your daughter?