Amanda Young quotes

Are you gonna behave?

Let me give you the simple version. You will keep him alive, whatever it takes. No excuses, no equivocations. [whispers] No crying.

Yeah, that's right. I'm a murderer.

I'm sorry - it must be distracting when there are so many things here you could kill me with. Like this axe I saw you looking at. Take it. Please, it's yours.I'd go for the neck but I'm not the brain surgeon. Just do it quietly so John doesn't hear me die otherwise he likely to get upset, rip off his heart rate monitor--[Whispers] boom! Then you just have to find the sensor and disarm it so you can walk more than 30 feet out that door without the collar detonating. Or, you can try and take it off yourself. That could be tricky. Slightest knock in the wrong place could trigger it. I should know. I built it.

It's all bullshit. It's all a ****ing lie!

Eric Matthews learned nothing from your test. He was the same person he was when he arrested me. He framed me when he took me down.

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